Crook Hook

Reach and Rescue

The Crook is a highly durable, multi-use hook designed and based on the traditional 'shepherd crook', to enable easy hooking onto the casualty. The design and stainless steel construction makes it a highly durable hooking tool.

How to Use
The sleeve fitting is designed to slide over the pole top, which secures the hook in place using a double sprung button mechanism. For longer distances/pole extensions the clamping float is recommended to support the end of the pole on top of the water.  
Maintenance and Precautions
The sleeve fitting should be regularly tested on the pole top fitting, as damage will prevent the attachment from fitting securely.

•    Material:  Stainless Steel
•    Weight: 10.2 oz.
•    Length: 12.6”

View Crook Hook Data Sheet [PDF]

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