8 mm Accessory - Prusik Cord

Sterling Rope

Sterling 8 mm cord is constructed from 100% high-quality nylon and is available in multiple colors. Made in the USA.  Sterling’s larger cords have a very durable sheath and high MBS which makes them great for prusik cords, cordelettes, ice threads, and lightweight low-stretch fixing and hauling "tag" lines. They can also be used in non-life safety applications such as dog leashes or towlines.

•   MBS (lbs.): 3,506 lbs.
•   MBS (kN): 15.6
•   Colors: Blue, Black, Orange, Red, Neon Green
•   Available Lengths: 165 ft. (50M), 330 ft., 660 ft. (200M)
•   Made in the USA

NOTE: Accessory/Prussik cords are not for use as lead climbing ropes.

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