Haz-Mat/Hospital (HHM )Sked® Rescue System


The Haz-Mat/Hospital (HMH) Rescue System is compact, decontaminable, durable and adaptable and is ideal for use in mass-casualty and hazardous materials incidents. Patients can be rolled or dragged onto the HMH Sked rather than lifting. This creates less rescuer fatigue and allows more victims to be saved.

Made of medium-density polyethylene plastic, the HMH Sked withstands high temperatures and is unbreakable in temps as low as -1200 F below zero. The HHM Rescue System can be dragged over virtually any terrain including stairways and can be rapidly deployed by one person. This is a significant advantage to rescuers wearing Level A suits at Haz-Mat incidents.

Haz-Mat Incidents: Doing anything in Level A and B protective suits is difficult. The HMH Sked allows a patient or a downed rescuer to be quickly rolled onto the stretcher and pulled out of the hot zone by rescuers a rope length away. Polypropylene straps are resistant to chemicals and the two-inch side-release buckles are easy to operate even with thick gloves.

Key Features
•   Drag handle at the head end for patient safety
•   Two plastic grips for use by two rescuers.
•   Four cut-in plastic handles ensure a secure, safe lift.
•   Flexible, medium-density polyethylene plastic
•   Unbreakable down to -1200 F below zero
•   Does not absorb chemicals, for easy decontamination
•   Fits on decon-conveyors for easy patient handling.
•   Military-grade, 2 in. side release plastic buckles
•   Buckles are non-conductive (non-sparking)
•   Polypropylene slings can be attached to drag HMH Skeds up and down stairways.
•   Size: 8 ft. x 36 in.
•   Weight: 11 lbs.

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