Equipment Cache Rescue Set


A compact set of equipment suitable for rigging, anchor, haul / lower, and belay systems.ᅠ All of our kits are made with the most current model of the components. Kits are made-to-order and may require a couple of days to assemble.

Kit Components:

Qty. Description
1   RescueTECH Rescue Rappel Rack
1   RescueTECH Technical Rescue Rigging Plate
10   OD50 Rescue Carabiner, Screwgate
3   Oval Steel Carabiner, Screwgate
5  RescueTECH 2.5" PMP
1   RescueTECH Rope Pad, Wide
5   Presewn Prusik, 18" (YE)
2   Presewn Prusik, 28" (RD)
2   H.D. Load Release Strap
2   1" H.D. Flat Webbing x 20' (OR)
2   1" H.D. Flat Webbing x 12' (YE)
1   Equipment Cache Pack


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