Deluxe Equipment Pack Set


A set of equipment designed to meet the basic needs of rescuers. Use this set of equipment with two life safety ropes and create a raise / lower system with belay. Multiple mechanical advantage systems can be built as well as specialized rigging systems.  All of our kits are made with the most current model of the components. Kits are made-to-order and may require a couple of days to assemble.

Kit Components:

Qty. Description
2   8mm Prusik x 5 ft.
2   8mm Prusik x 6 ft.
1   RescueTECH Rescue Rack
1   RescueTECH Technical Rigging Plate
10   RescueTECH Large 'D' Carabiner
1   12mm Delta Link
1   11mm Aluminum NFPA D Carabiner
3   RescueTECH 2.5" Prusik Minding Pulley, Single
2   RescueTECH 2.5" Prusik Minding Pulley, Double
2   18" Rope Guard
2   RescueTECH Anchor Sling, 8 foot
1   RescueTECH Load Release Strap
2   RescueTECH Anchor Sling w/ D, 6 foot
2   1" Heavy Duty Flat Webbing x 20 ft. (Orange)
1   1" Heavy Duty Flat Webbing x 25 ft. (Red)
1   RescueTECH Deluxe Equipment Pack


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