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BA Products Round Slings are manufactured with a polyester fabric core that resists stretching.  The load bearing core is protected by a durable jacket which is color coded based on the Working Load Limit (WLL) of the sling.  The round sling design allows the point of contact to be rotated with each use, which helps extend the working life of the sling since one point is not continuously under pressure.

Round Slings are color coded to distinguish between lifting capacities.  Slings of the same color (regardless of length) have the same working load limit (WLL).  Each sling also has a durable label with WLL information and a graphic with easy to read weight capacities depending based on the rigging configuration.

  • Work with all hitch/rigging types: vertical, choker, and basket hitches.
  • Polyester won't weaken, rot, or mildew when used in wet or damp environments.
  • Resistant to most chemicals (except concentrated acids and bleaches)
  • Can be used in temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit


Item # Size / Length Weight (lbs.)
38-RSG-4 4 ft. 1.6
38-RSG-6 6 ft. 2.2
38-RSG-8 8 ft. 2.75
38-RSG-10 10 ft. 4
38-RSG-12 12 ft. 4.19


Working Load Limits:

  • Vertical WLL: 5,300 lbs.
  • Choker WLL: 4,200 lbs.
  • Basket WLL: 10,600 lbs.
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38-RSG-4 4 ft. Green Round Sling
38-RSG-6 6 ft. Green Round Sling
38-RSG-8 8 ft. Green Round Sling
38-RSG-10 10 ft. Green Round Sling
38-RSG-12 12 ft. Green Round Sling