Ratchet Strap - Extrication Strap

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The Extrication Strap from BA Products is available in your choice of 2" or 3" wide strap.ᅠ The 2" wide strap measure 20 ft. in length and the 3" wide strap measures 30 ft. in length (remember, sometimes length does matter). Both ends of the Extrication Strap are fit with an 8" J-Hook and Mini J-Hook for fast and easy strap placement.


Strap Width Strap Length WLL Weight
2" 20 ft. 3,300 lbs. 15 lbs.
3" 30 ft. 6,200 lbs. 18 lbs.
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38FR-10003 2" Wide Extrication Strap
38FR-10006 3" Wide Extrication Strap