PAC Super Adjustamount

PAC (Performance Advantage Co)

SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT modules are larger than standard ADJUSTAMOUNT modules.ᅠ The SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT is available in versions which mount to Unistrut or PAC DUAL TRAC aluminum tool board.

The SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT consists of individual modules and a locking strap which can positioned to accommodate the mounting of a wide variety of tools and equipment.

SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNTS are commonly combined with other PAC brackets to provide complete tool mounting solutions.

Features include:

  • Components are molded from high quality materials.
  • Adjustable lock strap capable to 5400 PSI tensile strength.
  • 30"ᅠusable strap length
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Strap available in black, yellow or orange

Unistrut must be purchased separately or is included in the Super Adjustamount Kit.

Mounting options include UniStrut or PAC DUALTRAC. Stainless-steel fasteners & hardware included, and are specific to the mounting option listed.

Parts Included:

  •  CLAMP-END module
  •  LOCK-END module
  •  Adjustable LOCKSTRAP w/pin handle (33" overall length)
  • ᅠ9" long extruded neoprene channel cushion
  •  Stainless-steel fasteners & hardware included, and are specific to the mounting option listed.


Optional Super Adjustamount Spacer
The Super Adjustamount Spacer can be used with the Super Adjustamount under the lock end or clamp end modules.  The spacer provides additional hand clearance, elevates the modules for greater support capability and extends the reach of the lock strap.  Mounting hardware is included with the Super Adjustamount Spacer.

Grouped product items
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1050 Super Adjustamount - Unistrut Mounting
1050-DT Super Adjustamount - DUAL TRAC Mounting
1006-4 PAC Super Adjustamount Spacer