MACK-5500 Multi-Air Command Kit

Air Systems International

The MACK-5500™ (Multi-Air Command Kit) Series retains all the features and functionality of a standard MACK-3™ unit, with the added benefit of higher incoming pressures for today’s SCBA’s and mobile cascade systems.

Newly developed breathing air regulators now handle the rigors of cycling inlet pressures ranging from 500 psi to 5,500 psi while precisely maintaining outlet pressures and flow to the connected respirators.

With a “set and forget” outlet control and easily identifiable and manageable air circuits, the operator is free to manage and cycle the various input sources as needed.

MACK 5500 Details:
•    Hansen or Schrader style outlet air connections
•    Four (4) Flexible incoming SCBA connect whips
•    Two (2) Incoming CGA-347 Male Adapters
•    One (1) air source isolation valve
•    One (1) low pressure warning bell, 500 psi alarm set point
•    One (1) low pressure warning whistle, 500 psi alarm set point
•    Two (2) incoming pressure gauges 0- 7,500 psi
•    Two (2) 0-5,500 psi input, 0-125 psi adjustable breathing air regulators
•    One (1) 0-5,500 psi input, 0-275 psi adjustable tool air regulator
•    One (1) 0-5,500 psi input, 0-5,000 psi adjustable SCBA fill regulator
•    One (1) 5,000 psi rated SCBA fill whip with on/off valve, bleeder valve, and CGA-346/347 hand tight cylinder valve connection.

SCBA Cylinders NOT Included.

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