MACK 3 - Multi-Air Command Kit

Air Systems International

The Air Systems International MACK™ units have been designed as a series of portable air distribution boxes to meet the most demanding air handling needs of the Fire/Rescue industry. Each MACK unit has been designed and tested by professional firefighters to meet the changing industry and NFPA requirements.

The MACK-3™ System contains an isolation valve used to separate breathing air manifolds so the unit can be used in rescue operations. The MACK-3™ design was implemented to conform with NFPA confined space entry rescue regulations.

Three separately regulated manifolds provide a portable air distribution package for any pressure requirement.

MACK-3 Details:
•    Hansen or Schrader style air connections
•    One low pressure, 125 psi, breathing air manifolds with relief valves
•    One low pressure manifold, max 125 psi, for lift bags and tools
•    One medium pressure regulator, 275 psi maximum, for air tools
•    CGA-347 male inlet adapter supplied with pressure cap to connect to a high-pressure cylinder system
•    Air source isolation valve
•    Inlet whips can be connected to 2216 or 4500 psi cylinder
•    Low pressure alarm whistle
•    Optional cylinder fill regulator (MACK-3FA)

SCBA Cylinders NOT Included. Pictured with optional SCBA fill regulator & hose.

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MACK-3 MACK 3 - Multi-Air Command Kit
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