MACK 2 - Multi-Air Command Kit

Air Systems International

The MACK™ System was designed as a portable air distribution box to meet the most demanding air handling needs of the Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Response industries. All MACK Units have been designed and tested by professional firefighters to meet NFPA requirements.

All MACK™ Series units start with the MACK-1™ basic functions:

•   One or two SCBA cylinders provide air to the system

•   A CGA-347 high pressure inlet is also provided to allow continuous operation from truck mounted air cylinders.

•   A low-pressure regulator provides 0-125 psi air to a four-outlet respirator manifold.

•   A low-pressure alarm whistle and a DC lamp to illuminate the case interior are provided standard.

MACK 2 Details:
•    Four (4) outlet manifold (Hansen or Schrader style air connections)
•    Inlet whips can be connected to 2216 or 4500 psi cylinders
•    5,000 PSI input regulator
•    CGA-347 male adapter used as a high-pressure auxiliary inlet
•    Auxiliary Inlet can be connected to compressor or a truck mounted cascade system
•    Low pressure breathing air manifold, 125 psi maximum
•    Low air pressure alarm whistles
•    DC powered light in case for low light operations

The MACK-2 can be used for emergency refilling of SCBA cylinders from aerial apparatus breathing air stations.
•   0-5000 psi adjustable SCBA fill regulator
•   5 ft. fill hose w/ hand tight wheel & bleed valve

SCBA Cylinders NOT Included

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