33,000 lb. Matjack Medium Pressure Air Bag


Matjack Medium Pressure Lifting Cushions require only 1-3 inches clearance and can lift several tons at the push of a button.

Matjack Medium Pressure Lifting Cushions work best in cantilever or "hinged" style lifts, but can also be used for vertical lifting if rigged correctly so lateral movement of the weight being lifted is restricted.

Matjack medium pressure cushions work on volume rather than pressure to create the lift, working at 14 psi / 1 bar of pressure

  Lift Capacity  16.8Tons / 15,258 kg
  Working Pressure  14 psi / 1 Bar
  Dimensions  48 x 48 x 37 in. / 120 x 120 x 93.5 cm
  Weight  70 lbs.
  Height  37 in / 93.5 cm
  Length  48 in / 120 cm

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