Training Manikin Weight Vest

Ruth Lee

Adds Extra Weight to Ruth Lee Training Manikins

ᅠAvailable in either 15 lb. or 25 lb. versions, the vest allows the user to adjust the weight of the training dummy to suit the training requirements.ᅠ Constructed of PVC coated Cordura Nylon, high strength nylon webbing, steel adjuster buckles, and high grade hook and loop fastener, the Vest is designed to fit virtually all adult Rescue Manikins from Ruth Lee and Simulaids.ᅠ Individual 2.5 lb. soft weight packets may be added to or subtracted from the vest to give rescuers a multitude of manikin weights.ᅠ

The design of this Vest allows for heavy weight manikins when teaching patient handling and lighter weights when the emphasis on training is rescue techniques.ᅠ Lighter weight manikins don't wear down students as much, so more training evolutions may be completed.ᅠᅠ Made in the style of a lifejacket, the vest is secured to the training dummy using a lace up design.ᅠ This attachment has proven to be the most secure adjustment method that fits the greatest size range of manikins.

Manikin (Not Included)

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