18" Enviro-Cone Traffic Cone

The Enviro-Cone is the future of traffic cones: MUTCD Compliant, 80% recycled by weight, and can easily be recycled again if the cone is damaged or destroyed. If a cone stem becomes unusable, simply reorder the stem and reuse the base, no need to buy the entire cone again! With more than 50% of the Enviro-Cone being made of recycled materials by weight, it qualifies for Green Points. Enviro-Cone is made in the USA.

Manufactured from low density polyethylene, this provides superior extreme weather performance and increases the life span and long term durability of the Enviro-Cone when compared to traditional PVC Cones.
•   Resists cracking and shattering down to -45°F (-42.78°C)
•   Stands tall and vertical as high as 180°F (82.23°C) - no more soft/droopy cones
•   Excellent color retention through the use of UV stabilizers
•   Low density polyethylene plastic

Patented Easy Grip Groove Handle:
•   Excellent "gription" for quick deployment and retrieval
•   Grove makes tying off caution tape a breeze
•   Compatible with the TrafFix Retractable Cone Bar

Size & Visibility on the Roadway
•   Wide Body design increases visibility without increasing weight of the cone
•   A larger cone is a greater "threat" to drivers
•   Enviro-Cone has broader surface area for cones of similar height and weight
•   Greater visibility allows driver more time to slow down
•   42% greater target value than Slim Line Cones during daylight hours and 34% at night

Wind Resistance:
•   In windy conditions cones may blow over and need be re-set
•   Re-setting cones requires time in a potentially dangerous area
•   Enviro-Cone design has 80% of the weight in the base
•   Enviro-Cone has a lower center of gravity and a better tipping point compared to any 7lb. or 10lb. PVC cone currently available on the market.





•   Cone stem is molded from LDPE providing superior cold/hot weather performance
•   Cone base is molded from recyclable rubber (makes up 80% of the total weight)
•   Excellent 100% UV resistance/color retention
•   Superior impact performance
•   Base Dimensions: 15 ¾" × 15 ¾" (40 × 40 cm)
•   Cone base is removable so stem or base can be replaced if damaged
•   Base locks to stem with molded-in locking lugs
•   Reflective collars are recessed to protect reflective material
•   Groove near the top of the cone for easy grip
•   Tipping angle of the cone is no less than 76° from vertical
•   The entire Enviro-Cone product (cone stem and base) is made in the USA.

Cone Height Weight
18" 3 lbs.
28" 7 or 10 lbs.
36" 10 or 12 lbs.


Optional Spring Cone LED Light:
•   Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)
•   Approx. 500 hour run time
•   Available with red or amber lens
•  Fits into top of Cone
•   Contains 4 LED lights for 360 degree active lighting
•   Steady burn and flash settings
•   Ideal for incident scenes requiring active and passive lighting

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
16018-HIWB-3 18" Enviro-Cone - 3 lb. - Orange
16018-L-HIWB-3 18" Enviro-Cone - 3 lb. - Lime
CSLY1403-R Cone LED Light - Red Lens
CSLY1403-A Cone LED Light - Amber Lens