TNT STORM ESLC-29D Cutterr Mount

Plastix Plus

You spent a lot of money on your hydraulic extrication tools. Why expose them to damage by storing them in a compartment unsecured. For a fraction of the cost of your rescue tools, you can increase the life of your tools while keeping them secure and organized for quick deployment.

Plastix Plus rescue tool mounts are made of high grade HDPE plastic and are constructed using a thermoplastic welding process for long lasting strength and durability. The plastic is very forgiving and will not scratch or mar tools like steel or aluminum.

Plastix Plus rescue tool mounts are designed to hold the tool on its side on any horizontal, flat surface. All mounts will hold the tool with the handle facing left or right. Each mount is designed to hold the tool so the fit is very snug. A hold-down strap is also included to further secure the tool.

Designed specifically for the TNT STORM ESLC-29D Dual Battery Powered Cutter. 

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