EVAC Charlotte Personal Escape Pack

EVAC Systems

The EVAC Charlotte Personal Escape Pack was developed in cooperation with the Charlotte (NC) Fire Dept. The Charlotte Pack holds 50 ft. of Sterling FireTech2 escape rope and features a pocket and elastic specifically designed for the Sterling FCX descender and the Sterling Lightning GT hook.

The rope compartment in the pack is secured with a Velcro flap that holds and protects the rope while also allowing a Sterling FCX descender to be positioned on top of the pack.  A Velcro strap over the top secures the descender in the ready position. The entire pack is designed to be stored in your bunker pant turnout pocket for easy access and rapid deployment.

FireTech2 Escape Rope
The first certified 100% Technora escape rope ever made and the choice of the FDNY for their escape systems. An improved construction on the popular FireTech makes the FireTech2 slightly lighter weight and gives it a softer hand. Compatible with F4™ and new FCX™ descent devices.

•    Core/Sheath: Technora®/Technora
•    Diameter (mm): 7.5
•    MBS Rating (kN): 25.5
•    Weight (lb/100'): 2.9
•    Elongation at 300 lb (%): 1.2
•    MBS Rating (lb): 5,889
•    NFPA 1983 Rating: Fire Escape

FCX Escape Descender:
The Sterling FCX descender is the most advanced self-rescue descender available to firefighters today. The FCX offers superior descent control and over-pull protection.

•    U.S. precision-machined 7075-T6 aluminum
•    Elevated side rails eliminate glove and sill interference
•    Click-to-neutral capability makes quick work of horizontal movement
•    Cam provides superior braking modulation for a controlled descent
•    Spring-loaded handle stays out of the way until needed
•    MBS: 3,035 lbs.
•    Weight: 7.8 oz.
•    UL Certified: NFPA 1983


Sterling Lightning Hook
The Sterling Lightning GT Hook is UL certified to NFPA 1983, is precision-machined of aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminum and heat treated for maximum strength. Weighing less than eight (8) ounces, the Lightning GT Hook is the lightest certified firefighting anchor hook available on the market.  The Lightning GT features an innovative wire gate for ease of connection to a remote anchor. This unique design eliminates the challenge of threading the rope through the hitching slot in a low-visibility situation and provides the fastest, most secure remote anchor solution.

Lightning GT Hook Specs
Weight 7.5 oz.
Height 7.25"
Width 4.25"
Thickness .48"
Slot Dimensions 3.5" x .75"
Throat Opening 2"
Gate Opening 0.625"



Sterling SafeD Carabiner
The SafeD carabiner is a 3-stage auto locking carabiner constructed from lightweight aluminum and features a removable captive eye pin allowing the carabiner to be maintained in a specific orientation.

•    Major Axis (lb): 6,295
•    Major Axis (kN): 28.0
•    Minor Axis (lb): 2,473
•    Minor Axis (kN): 11.0
•    Open Gate (lb): 2,023
•    Open Gate (kN): 9.0
•    NFPA 1983 rating

Tech Extension Lanyard
The Tech Extension Lanyard is constructed out of a hollow-braid Technora cord for superior heat resistance and is 9" in length. The Tech Extension is used to help extend the descent device way from the harness and lower the center of gravity to reduce the possibility of the firefighter inverting when the system is loaded. 

•    Length: 9” 
•    Sewn attachment to descender
•    MBS Rating (lb): 5,418
•    MBS Rating (kN): 24.1

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