Battery Chainsaw Conversion Kit

Super Vac


Super Vac’s all-new Chain Saw Conversion Kits turn ordinary 16″ wood-cutting Makita, DeWalt or Milwaukee battery-powered chain saws into heavy-duty rescue saws for the fire industry. These battery-powered saws are usually only ideal for cutting wood, but this kit equips the saw with a carbide-tipped chain designed to cut through wood, nails, asphalt, shingles and light metal, as well as residential and commercial roofing — all with ease to the firefighter while not damaging the chain.


Battery Powered Saw Compatibility
Saw Manufacturer Saw Models
  Makita XCU07, XCU04, XCU03
  DeWalt DCCS670B, DCCS670X1
  Milwaukee 2727-20, 2727-21HD

Kit Components:

Carbide-Tipped Chain: Converts select battery-powered chain saws into a rescue saw capable of cutting through wood, nails, asphalt shingles and light metal, as well as residential and commercial roofing; easily sharpens with diamond equipment.
•    Chisel chain - Carbide tipped (super grade for better impact resistance)
•    Loop for 16″ bar
•    3/8 x .050" single-raker design
•    Weight: 6.4 oz.

Modified Bar: Allows the wider chain gauge to operate with added room, putting less strain on the saw for repeat and heavy use; the bar is slotted to work with Super Vac’s Quick Silver depth gauge.
•    Flame-hardened rails to 60 Rockwell C
•    Precision-honed groove
•    Replaceable roller nose for smoother operation/longer life
•    Weight: 22.3 oz.

Quick Silver Depth Gauge (optional): Prevents the blade from cutting too deep during roof ventilation. Billet aluminum for lightweight strength
•    CNC machined for precision
•    Open design prevents clogging of debris
•    Weight: 15.8 oz.

NOTE:  The carbide-tipped chain listed above is a larger gauge chain and will not fit the original factory supplied chain bars of the saws listed above.  The battery conversion chain and bar must be used/purchased together for the saw to operate correctly.


Grouped product items
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SV789-16 Battery Chainsaw Conversion Kit - COMPLETE
SV530-16 Battery Chainsaw Conversion - BAR
SV375-16 Battery Chainsaw Conversion - CHAIN
SV780-16 Battery Chainsaw Conversion - DEPTH GAUGE