Partner K-770 Rescue Saw

Fire Hooks Unlimited

The Fire Hooks K770 Saw is an ideal saw for forcible entry and roof work due to its extremely light weight. The Fire Hooks K770 saw weighs in at 22 lbs. without the blade and fuel making it a perfect choice for any fire department operation.

Standard Saw Features:

•    Active Air Filtration: One of the most efficient air filtration systems on the market, delivering operational times up to one year, with minimal to no filter service required.

•    X-Torq Engine: Produces 75 % less emissions, 20 % lower fuel consumption, more power, and lower vibration.

•    DuraStarter: The dust-sealed starter, and the durable starter cord reduce the risk of downtime and increase reliability and product life.

•    SmartCarb: Built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.

•    The Poly-V belt provides better transmission of power, less frequent re-tensioning and greatly extended product life.

•    Wrench holder attached to front handle
•    Efficient vibration dampening for more convenient operation
•    Easy to start thanks to Air Purge and decompression valve
•    Fuel indicator in the tank shows fuel level

K770 Saw Specifications 
   Cylinder displacement 4.48 cu. in.
   Power Output 5 hp 
   Sound pressure lever at operators ear 101 dB(A) 
   Blade Diameter 12 or 14 inch 
   Max. Cutting Depth w/ 12" Blade 4" 
   Max. Cutting Depth w/ 14" Blade 5"
   Weight (no blade or fuel) 22.4 lbs. 
   Length 23.82" 
   Width 8.86" 
   Height  16.34" 

Fire Rescue Saw Package:
•    K770 Saw w/ 12" blade
•    Chromium-plated guard visible in smoke & water spray, enhances control of saw
•    Specially designed starter handle, with room for heavy gloves
•    Adjustable carry strap allows full freedom of movement
•    Cyclone light attached to belt guard
•    Large "D" handle pull start
•    Heavy duty adjustable shoulder strap
•    Wrench holder attached to front handle


Available Configurations:
•    Fire Rescue Saw Package (12” x 24 tip blade)
•    K770 Saw with 12” x 24 tpi blade
•    K770 Saw with 14” x 30” tpi blade
•    K770 Saw Only

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
FD770PKG K-770 Fire Saw PACKAGE - 12" x 24 tip blade
K770-12x24 K-770 Saw w/ 12" x 24 Tip blade
K770-14x30 K-770 Saw w/ 14" x 30 Tip blade
K770-12 K-770 - 12" - SAW ONLY (No Blade)
K770-14 K-770 - 14" - SAW ONLY (No Blade)