Folding Attic Ladder

Duo-Safety Ladders

Duo-Safety Folding Ladders (aka “Attic Ladders”) are the ultimate in handy, convenient ladders. These light weight ladders fold into a compact bundle for easy storage and carrying. In the open position, special locking devices keep the ladder absolutely rigid. The Duo-Safety Attic Ladder is equipped with Duo-Safety Ladder shoes as an extra precaution to resist slipping. 300 lb. Duty rated with a 4:1 safety factor.         


Open Length Closed Length Open Width Banking Thickness Weight

8 ft.

8' .375"

8' 9.75"



13 lbs

9 ft.

9' 1.87"

10' .25"



15 lbs

10 ft.

10' 1.87"

11' .25"



16 lbs

12 ft.

12' .375"

12' 10.75"



20 lbs

14 ft.

14' .375"

14' 10.75"



22 lbs

*Overall width includes Safety Shoes

All dimensions listed are N.F.P.A. Design Verification Standards. Variations occur in each product of approximately +/- .125" due to the type of rivets, nuts, bolts etc. used. If you require precise dimensions, please Contact Us.

Shipping Note:
Ladders are one of the most interesting products we ship. The vast majority of ladders will ship via truck freight because of the size and/or weight. We try to use the best and least expensive carrier whenever possible, however carriers can vary by as much as $100 for an identical shipment. Because of this, it is not possible to provide a shipping price at check-out.

You may complete your order online, however there will be no shipping charges displayed at checkout. Please provide an accurate shipping address at check-out, and a First Out Rescue specialist will contact you to make delivery arrangements and give you the final cost for your order including freight charges.

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