Gear Keeper Flashlight Retractor

Gear Keeper

Gear Keeper Flashlight Retractors insure your Flashlight is secured and easy to find.  Grab your light, use it, let it go… It retracts back.  It is always in the same place when you need it.  Simply extend the tether for easy use and eliminate the risk of lossing your light or having to re-clip your flashlight after every use. Ideal when using your flashlight and you need to let go to use both hands!  Now that describes a firefighter or medic on just about every call now doesn't it!

Flashlight Retractors








Vulcan LED Box Light

Attachment Heavy Duty Snap Clip Aluminum Carabiner
Light size 4AA to 2C 3C to 8AA 3C to 4C & Rechargeables Fire Vulcan LED
Retract Force 12 oz. 16 oz. 24 oz. 36 oz.
Cable Ext. Length 20" 22" 32" 18"
Lanyard Material Nylon coat stainless steel cable Nylon Line w/ Kevlar Core
Lanyard Breaking Strength 60 lbs. 80 lbs.
Spring & Hardware Stainless steel


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RT2-4412 Small Flashlight Retractor
RT4-4412 Medium Flashlight Retractor
RT3-4401 Large Flashlight Retractor
RT3-4405 Vulcan LED Flashlight Retractor