Bug Wash

Shield Solutions

Effective time saving solution for bug removal!

Removes dried on bug remains with minimal scrubbing.ᅠ Simply spray on and wipe with a micro fiber towel.ᅠ Contains no ammonia, solvents or acids and will not damage vehicle surfaces.ᅠ Bug Wash has been tested safe for use on light lenses.

  • Ready to use, no water needed.ᅠ Simply spray on and wipe off
  • Non-fuming, ammonia free formula
  • Safe on vehicle surfaces
  • Tested safe on light lenses
  • pH Neutral

Available Sizes:

  • 32 oz bottle
  • 4x32 oz bottles (case)
  • 1 Gallonᅠ
  • 4x1 Gallonᅠ(case)
Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
BW132 Bug Wash - 32oz Bottle
BW432 Bug Wash - 4x32oz Bottle (case)
BW101 Bug Wash - 1 Gallon
BW401 Bug Wash - 4x1 Gallon (case)
BW105 Bug Wash - 5 Gallon Pail