Procuff Sphygmomanometer Kit

EMI International

EMI has coupled its new Procuff™ sphygmomanometer with our quality dual head stethoscope or sprague rapport type stethoscope to provide you with a cost effective diagnostic kit.

Procuff™ Sphygmomanometer Kit Features:
•  Black enamel 300mm Hg no-pin stop manometer accurate to ± 3mm Hg.
•  Navy blue cuff with range markings to indicate the selection of correct cuff size
•  Artery label and gauge holder markings
•  Latex inflation bladder and bulb
•  Chrome-plated air deflation valve
•  Comes complete with leatherette zippered carrying case & instruction manual
•  10 year calibration warranty
•  EMI’s Dual Head Stethoscope (choice of black, blue, or red) or EMI’s Sprague Rapport Type Stethoscope (choice of black, blue, or red)

Grouped product items
SKU Product Name Qty
EMI932 Procuff Sphyg. Kit - Black Dual Head Stethoscope
EMI934 Procuff Sphyg. Kit - Blue Dual Head Stethoscope
EMI936 Procuff Sphyg. Kit - Red Dual Head Stethoscope
EMI937 Procuff Sphyg. Kit - Black Sprague Stethoscope
EMI938 Procuff Sphyg. Kit - Blue Sprague Stethoscope
EMI939 Procuff Sphyg. Kit - Red Sprague Stethoscope