Ajax Rescue Tools 911-Super Duty Kit

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The 911-RK Super Duty Kit is AJAX'S most powerful kit.  The 911-RK kit features the most powerful and hardest hitting hammer in the AJAX arsenal.  This is the kit you want when going up against Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS) in late model vehicles.  The 911-RK hammer uses .498 shank chisels and includes an Ajax Kwik Change Retainer. This retainer is designed to hold the cutting tool securely in place, yet allowing you to change tools in a matter of seconds during emergency operations. In addition, the retainer also allows the use of Ajax Exclusive non-turn tools. These tools can be indexed into different positions to allow one-hand operation of the hammer when necessary. The Ajax Kwik Change Retainer is the only retainer which lets you use both turn and non-turn type tools.

The Ajax Rescue Tools high-pressure regulator features a universal design that allows use of 2216, 4500 or 5500 psi SCBA air cylinders without changing the regulator. This regulator is rated to deliver an output pressure up to 300 psi, which is well above the recommended operating pressure of most air tools. Normal body metals, such as, A, B and C posts, quarter panels and firewalls require only 90 psi. Heavier metals, such as Nader pins, door hinges, etc., may require 150-160 psi.

A safety blow-off valve on the regulator prevents setting the output pressure above a safe operating pressure. This regulator lets you operate the tool at the proper air pressure essential for the most efficient operation while allowing you to use extra air power when needed.

Every kit includes a 15-foot heavy-duty double-braided hose, couplers and connectors, protective gauge guard, air tool oil and a heavy-duty 20-inch steel kit box with dual latches to securely store your kit.

911-RK Super Duty Kit Includes

Part #Qty.Item
1976 1 Hammer for .498-in. shank tools
3700S-3 1 Retainer
8250H 1 Regulator (Use with 2216, 4500 & 5500 PSI SCBA)
8260 2 Ergo Chisel Grip
3190-12-PL 1 12-in. Moil Point (non-turn)
3189-PL 2 Double Blade Panel Cutter (non-turn)
3180-PL 2 Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
3180-18-PL 2 18-in. Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
3089-PL 2 Double Blade Panel Cutter (turn-type)
3080-PL 2 Kwik Cutter (turn-type)
3080-18-PL 2 18-in.Kwik Cutter (turn-type)
1030 1 15-ft., 3/8-in. Hose
1045 1 3/8-in. Male Connector (1/4-in. NPT hammer)
1048 1 3/8-in. Male Connector (1/4-in. NPT regulator)
1052 1 3/8-in. Female Coupler (3/8-in. NPT hose)
5317 1 20-in. Steel Kit Box
8259 1 Kit Box Liner
1074 1 4-oz. Oil
674-RT 1 Trim Removal Tool

911 Air Hammer Specifications 
ᅠ Blows Per Minute ᅠ 1560
ᅠ Bore Size ᅠ 3/4"
ᅠ Stroke Length ᅠ 2 11/16"
ᅠ Air @ 90 psi ᅠ 7 cfm
ᅠ Overall Length ᅠ 9 1/2"
ᅠ Weight ᅠᅠ6 lbs.

*** Upgrade Your 911-RK Super Duty Kit to a 911-RK MASTER KIT. ***

The 911-RK MASTER KIT includes all of the items listed above as well as:

Qty. (1) 1/2"Impact Wrench (#1985)
Qty. (1) 11 piece fractional impact socket set (#1986)

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911-RK Ajax Rescue Tools 911-Super Duty Kit
911-RKM Ajax Rescue Tools 911-Master Kit