70 Ton Matjack Air Lifting Bag


Matjack high pressure air lifting bag require only 1" clearance and can lift several tons with the touch of a button. Matjack high pressure air lifting bags are primarily used in low insertion situations where heavy weights needing to be lifted such as, building lifting, rescue, load shifts, heavy recovery and machinery moving to name a few.

Two Types of Air Bag Construction

Aramid Fiber:
Matjacks offers a unique construction to their air bags. The Aramid Fiber air bag features four full layers of Aramid Fiber per side. These bags are used primarily in low duty cycle applications such as rescue.

Woven Steel: The woven steel air bag has three full layers of woven steel per side. The woven steel air bags are designed to be used in rugged, demanding, high duty cycle applications such as building lifting and vehicle recovery.

All Matjack high pressure air lifting bags are marked with a distinct "bulls eye" for ease of centering under the load, and have a conical, interlocking surface to limit slippage and aid in stacking. All Matjacks have either carry handles or tabs/eyelets molded right on for lifting or attaching to fixtures.

Available in a variety of sizes and ranging in lifting capacity from 1.5 tons to 86 tons, the Matjack air lifting bag system is efficient, economical, safe and reliable. Matjack high pressure air lifting bags are made in the USA, are ISO and CE Certified and best of all come with a 5 year unconditional warranty!


70 Ton Matjack High Pressure Air Lifting Bag
Type of Reinforcement Steel Aramid
Dimensions 34 x 34 x 1.25 in. 34 x 34 x 1.25 in.
Working Pressure 120 psi 120 psi
Weight 81 lbs. 65 lbs.
Deflated Height 1 in. 1 in.
Inflated Height 18 in. 18 in.
Lift Capacity 70 ton 70 Ton
Handles 2 2

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