7 Piece Shackle Kit

BA Products

The B/A Products ᅠShackle Kit contains 7 of the most commonly used shackles.ᅠ  Shackles are used as a secure anchor in the eye of lifting slings. Shackles help protect your lifting slings from wear and tear.

Alloy Screw Pin Shackles provide higher working load limits than traditional carbon steel pin shackles.ᅠ The Twist Lock Pin Shackle features quick locking and unlocking with no tools required to operate.ᅠ Quick operation insures you donメt have to spend any more time in the "danger zone" then necessary.

The Grade 100 Master Link can be used with chain, wire rope and synthetic slings.ᅠ Master Links are traditionally used on top of the rigging assembly while the sling hangs below.ᅠ The Master Link is usually connected to the lifting hook.ᅠ

Qty. Size Working Load Limit (WLL)
2 3/4" Alloy Scre Pin Shackle 7 Ton
2 7/8" Alloy Scre Pin Shackle 9.5 Ton
2 1" Twist lock Shackle 12.5 Ton
1 7/8" Oblong Master Link 23,100 lbs.


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