18" Super Vac Battery Fan

Super Vac

Now you have a fan that will work with your department’s other battery-operated tools.

The Super Vac 18” variable-speed battery fan works with your choice of DeWalt FLEXVOLT®, Milwaukee REDLITHIUM or Makita XGT batteries, making it the most compatible PPV interface on the market. Now you have a fan that will work with your department’s other battery-operated tools.

Finally, the fire service has a fan with trusted battery names that pair with Super Vac’s dependable history.  You won’t find another battery fan that offers 180 degrees of tilt like the Valor Series. Just this one feature alone truly sets these battery fans apart from all the others.



Aluminum Roll-Cage Frame:
•   One of the most compact designs available
•   Lightweight yet rugged in design
•   Provides protection for fan in storage and when in use
•   Flat proof wheels for worry free use on the fireground.

Curved Handle:
•   Folds into the frame for compact storage
•   Curved handle design provides higher grip for better ergonomics

Flat-Proof Rubber Tires:
•   Highly maneuverable
•   No need to lift the fan to deploy wheels
•   Fan can be moved by a single firefighter

Dimensions:  H x W x D: 25.75" x 25.75" x 12.25"

180-Degree Tilt: Provides the largest adjustent range among battery fans, allowing airflow to be directed virtually anywhere

Run Time: Up to 50 minutes of max airflow (depending on battery selection)

Polymer Blade: Minimizes weight and reduces sound levels. Super Vac’s single-piece cast aluminum blade is available by request

Precision-Spun Steel Shroud with Stream Shaper Guard: Shroud provides durability with max airflow, while the Stream Shaper guard allows for flexible setback.

Battery Options:
• DeWalt FLEXVOLT (9.0Ah, 12.0 Ah or 15.0 Ah)
• Milwaukee 18 V Red Lithium (8.0Ah or 12.0 Ah)
Milwaukee 28 V Red Lithium **
• Makita XGT (4.0Ah, 5.0 Ah or 8 Ah)
- 18" SuperVac Battery Operated Fans Purchased With Batteries Include: 2 ea. batteries and 2 ea. 115V AC charges.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: Super Vac does not offer the Milwaukee 28V battery or charger. However, these batteries are the same batteries used on some TNT and Genesis Rescue Tools.  The Milwaukee 28V batteries must be purchased seperatley. Fans designed to use the 28V Milwaukee batteries ARE NOT supplied with batteries or chargers.


Fan Power Options:
•   No batteries (Can use existing batteries. (Must specify battery manufacturer)
•   Dual battery without shore power option
•   Dual battery with shore power option**
** Shore power option allows for extended run time using line or generator AC power.  AC (Shore Power) needed to run the fan = 1 kW.  Shore power does not charge batteries.

Fan Model


(w/ batteries)

Battery - Runtime*

Output(CFM) Setback from Opening for Output Rating



58 lbs.

9Ah - 35 min.

12Ah - 40 min.

15Ah - 50 min.

10,840 14-15 ft.



56 lbs.

4Ah - 40 min.

5Ah - 50 min.

8Ah - 70 min.



(Milwaukee 18V)

58 lbs.

8Ah - 30 min.

12Ah - 40 min.



(Milwaukee 28V)

56 lbs.

3Ah - 20 min.

5Ah - 40 min.


*Maximum minutes of run time with (2)  fully charged batteries.

Unlike other brands,  Super Vac backs our numbers with true third-party testing. The ratings above are based on tests in accordance with the Air Movement Control Association (AMCA Standard 240).  Run time based on battery selection (batteries used/required in pairs).

•   5-year - Matarials & Workmanship
•   3-year - Motor & Batteries

Mountain Mister
•   Converts fan into a cooling unit for rehabilitation
•   Attaches to center of outlet guard with industrial magnets
•   ¾” Garden hose attachment
•   Use as standaline, attach to side of apparatus, hang under an awning or a tree
•   Water Efficiency: Consumes only 3 gallons of water per hour!
PPV Fan Mount
The Super Vac mount allows you to secure a Super Vac PPV fan for quick access inside a compartment while providing secure transportation. The mount is configurable so the fan can be mounted in either direction.
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