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From the maker of the original PIG Forcible Entry Tool comes the newest member of the Lonestar Axe family...

Introducing the PIGLET.  Featuring a 6 lb. head with a unique re-designed shaped head, the PIGLET is simple in design and function producing one of the most versatile fireground hand tools available today.

THE PIGLET combines the two working ends of the flat-head and the pick-head axe. Ask yourself – How often do firefighters actually use the cutting edge of a fire service axe? Firefighting has evolved and THE PIGLET has arrived to devour every assignment in its path.

THE PIGLET is an extremly versatile tool for roof ventilation, forcible entry, saving your own, breaching walls, and breaking locks.  THE PIGLET is an excellent choice for overhaul where a slightly lighter head reduces user fatigue but still has the power to get the job done.  THE PIGLET is fantastic for pulling drywall, lathe and plaster, and trim. THE PIGLET is one of the single most capable hand tools on the fireground. When you arrive on scene, there will be no question what you will reach for. Grab THE PIGLET!

•   Combines the working ends of a flat-head and pick-head axe
•   Perfect for roof ventilation, forcible entry, wall breaching, and overhaul
•   Constructed from S-5 grade tool steel
•   Hanlde: Fiberglass
•   Handle Length: 28” (total length of the tool including head)
•   Handle Color: Black


Due to a severe backorder, Lonestar Axe is not currently accepting new orders for PIGLET Tools. Lonestar Axe is looking at new suppliers to make PIGLET Tool heads and handles. Lonestar Axe is anticipating being able to resume production in mid, to late 2023. Any order taken for PIGLet Tools after 7/1/2023 will be placed on a back-order status, and orders will be filled as soon as possible once PIGLET Tool production resumes.

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