Knot Passing Pulley


The RescueTECH1 Heavy Duty knot passing pulley is ideal for use as a Carriage Pulley. Rotating sideplates and a rigging point that will accommodate three 13mm carabiners. Aluminum pulley sheave for durability. Available in two sizes for use on ropes up to 5/8".

 • WIDE PULLEY- for ropes up to 1/2" diameter The large hole in the center of the sideplates will accept a Big Hook carabiner for balanced hauling when unit is used as the top support pulley in rope traverse systems.  Pitch diameter 2".

 • EXTRA WIDE PULLEY -for ropes up to 5/8" diameter The Extra-Wide Pulley is the only pulley that will pass knots in 5/8" ropes.  3" wide sheave with Oilite bushing.  Pitch diameter 2.75"



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610015 Knot Passing Pulley - Wide (Red)
610016 Knot Passing Pulley - Extra Wide (Gold)