Egress+Plus - D2 - Crosby Hook


The RescueTECH EGRESS+Plus escape kits features a fire resistant personal escape rope made from a 100% Technora Sheath and nylon core. This tough 7.5mm rope has a strength of 6,250 lbf. This personal escape line provides lighter weight and greater versatility. Durable, tough and fire-resistant! Perfect for your high temperature escape line needs.

The D2 Escape Descender allows for quick deployment and adjustment before the bail out. The D2 is a true panic stop device rather than a panic brake device. The difference is that once the panic stop is activated, no other force must be applied to the device while a panic brake style device requires a force input to continue the braking function.

The Extension Strap allows better handling and visualization of the descender. Made with Kevlar Brand Fire Resistant webbing and thread. 6mm Stainless Steel Rapid Link provides a secure attachment to escape harness.

Kit includes:
•   RescueTECH Fire-Resistant Nomex Pouch
•   Crosby hook
•   RescueTECH D2 Escape Descender
•   Fire Resistant Extension Strap
•   EGRESS+Plus personal escape rope (7.5mm) with sewn eye
•   Available Rope Lengths: 50 ft., 70 ft.

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