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Edwards & Cromwell

The WPS Kit (Wedges, Putty & Stop-It) kit containes a selection of wooden wedges, Plug-n-Dike pre-mixed putty and three (3) different sizes of Stop-It pipe leak.  There is also Plug Rug absorbent pads and Fix Stix 20 minute leak stop epoxy.   

These leak control kits are designed for use only by experienced and trained personnel for temporary leak control until the container can be secured or disposed of properly.  These leak kits are designed to handle “typical” leaks encountered in the field.  It is not intended to address every type of leak in every type of container.  

Extreme CAUTION should be used where dealing with leak control:
•    Always wear proper protective clothing.
•    Identify & know the chemical you are working with.
•    Compatibility with Neoprene, SBR Rubber, Stainless and Plated Steels used in this kit. 

 View Kit Component Info [PDF]

Item/Description Qty.
2" x 4" Stop It Pipe Leak Repair 1
2" x 12" Stop It Pipe Leak Repair 1
4" x 12" Stop It Pipe Leak Repair 1
Fix Stix Leak Stop Epoxy 5
Wooden wedge & plug pack 1
Lead Wool 1
Safety Hammer 1
Hot or Cold Hose Tape 1
1 lb. Pre-Mix Plug-n-Dike 3
8" x 8" Plug Rug 2
Plastic Carrying Case (22" x 12" x 12") 1
Kit Weight (lbs.) 22


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