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Ventry 20" PPV Fan

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Ventry 20" PPV Fan
Ventry Solutions (Lentry)

Ventry® Gasoline Powered PPV Fans with a 20-inch propeller are available in three models from 3.5hp up 4.8 hp.  All Ventry PPV Fans are fitted with the Ventry Safety Prop that offers exceptional high CFM air movement while offering fail-safe performance to insure the safety of anyone operating near the fan.  The forward sweeping propeller tips produce a narrow, consistent air stream that allows for fan placement much farther far from the target (8-15 ft is ideal) than other fans that need to be “right in the doorway”.  This allows you to keep the fan well out of the way of crew and equipment and allows safer and more effective ventilation.

All-Terrain Versatility is provided by the three independently adjustable legs that allow the fan to be positioned on almost any terrain or orientation you need to provide maximum air movement in any terrain, any season and on any scene.  The outward curving legs provide a rock-solid foundation and offer truly stand-alone operation.  With up to 14 inches between the propeller and ground with the legs fully extended there is no danger of foreign matter being sucked into the fan from the ground.   
The Ventry Safety Propeller is a state-of-the-art two-blade, aircraft propeller that is engineered specifically for the motor size it is being paired with.  The ultimate in performance, longevity and safety is what sets the Ventry Safety Propeller in a class by itself.  The un-shrouded, free-flow, double reinforced wire guard allows maximum air supply to the propeller which increases air volume (CFM) and decreases noise.

Every Ventry 20” Fan is fit with dual transport/positioning handles that allow the fan to be lifted and carried by one or two people.  For added ease of movement all 20” Ventry Fans can be equipped with optional solid rubber wheels or the slightly larger “flat-free” wheels.  Ventry Fans equipped with wheels also feature a telescoping handle and stair/curb skids to allow the fan to be moved up & down stairs or over other types of un-even terrain or surfaces.



  Ventry 20" Gas Powered PPV Fan Specifications
  20GC160 20GX120 20GX160
Engine 4.6 hp Honda GC160 3.5 hph Honda GX120 4.8 hp Honda GX160
Engine Warranty 90 Days 3 Years - Commercial 3 Years - Commercial
Prop 20 in Safety Propeller 20 in Safety Propeller 20 in Safety Propeller
Volume 17,000 CFM 16,500 CFM 17,300 CFM
Thrust 14 lbs. 12.7 lbs. 14.4 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 1.9 qt 2.1 qt 3.3 qt.
Run Time per Tank 1.5 hrs 1.8 hrs 2 hrs
Weight (base model, no options) 57.4 lbs. 60 lbs. 66 lbs.
Base Model (no wheels) 23.25 x 23.25 x 20.25 in. 23.25 x 23.25 x 20.25 in. 23.25 x 23.25 x 20.25 in.
Fan w/ small rubber wheels 23.25 x 23.25 x 21 in. 23.25 x 23.25 x 21 in. 23.25 x 23.25 x 21 in.
Fan w/ Med. Flat Free wheels 23.25 x 27.5 x 22.5 in. 23.25 x 27.5 x 22.5 in. 23.25 x 27.5 x 22.5 in.

 Available Options:
•    Wheels, Stair Skids & Telescoping Handle
•    Entry Point LED Light (Model: 20GX160 Only)
•    Spark Arrester
•    Tachometer/Hour Meter
•    Misting Kit

SKU # Product Name Price Qty
20GX120 Ventry 20" 3.5 hp PPV Fan
* = Required Option
20GC160 Ventry 20" 4.6 hp PPV Fan
* = Required Option
20GX160 Ventry 20" 4.8 hp PPV Fan
* = Required Option