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Tempest VS-1 Series Battery Powered Blower

Tempest VS-1 Series Battery Powered Blower

The VS-1 series of battery-driven blowers deliver a level of utility and performance found with no other line of battery-driven blowers.  All electronic components, connections, and wiring are sealed for maximum resistance to water, dust, and smoke.  The Dynamic Battery Control System protects the battery during charge/discharge as well as monitors all cells for optimum performance and diagnostics

•    70 minute operating time at full speed
•    Variable speed motor rated at IP65
•    Removable lithium-ion battery rated IP65
•    Battery quick charges in 4 hours
•    Light weight design, welded tubular aluminum frame
•    Electronic components sealed for maximum resistance to water, dust and smoke
•    Thin-Vane air straightener grill and composite impeller
•    LED flow-path lighting positioned low for visibility below the smoke
•    Tapered lightweight steel shroud maximizes air flow performance
•    Ergonomic frame design with transverse wheels
•    Small Footprint at half the size of a gas blower

Tempest VS1 Series Battery Powered Blower Specifications
  Air Volume 10,887 cfm
  Noise Level @ 10 ft. 90 dbA
  Weight w/ battery 52 lbs. 53 lbs. 
 Dimensions 22.88″W x 26″H x 11″D

22.88″W x 24.4″H x 11″D

(Folding Handle Closed)


  Standard Plus Models  Deluxe Models 
 Variable Speed Drive Yes  Yes 
 18" Impeller  Yes  Yes 
 .9 HP Motor  Yes Yes 
 Batteries (Qty.)
 Battery Charger 1


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SKU # Product Name Price Qty
910-1820 Tempest VS-1 Blower - Standard Plus
910-1823 Tempest VS-1 Blower - Deluxe
910-1825 Tempest VS-1.2 Blower - Folding Handle - Standard Plus
910-1827 Tempest VS-1.2 Blower - Folding Handle - Deluxe