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TASK H-STR II Confined Space Stretcher

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TASK H-STR II Confined Space Stretcher

Developed by TASK, the versatile envelope H- STR II Confined Space stretcher is almost half the size of a normal envelope stretcher allowing increased mobility and transport to extreme confined spaces. The double safety system, offers total confidence in extreme maneuvers where other traditional or full length stretchers cold never perform.

The TASK H-STR stretcher incorporates a full body restraint system that embraces the victim's body giving the sensation of safety necessary for rescues involving both vertical & horizontal transport. The color coded straps (yellow for patient, blue for lifting, black for stretcher closure) makes it easy for rescuers to operate and insure proper use of all straps.

•   Integral patient harness with four (4) Quick-Lock buckles
•   Color Coded strap system (Patient, Lifting, Closure)
•   Polyester 1.75” straps with 24 kN resistance
•   Fiberglass "No Pressure" system to reduce collapse of patient capsule
•   Adjustable brim for drag transport protection
•   Independent foot support with individual adjustment
•   2 stainless steel flap adjustment buckles
•   Waterproof storage bag included
•   Storage bag has backpack style carry straps

•   Construction Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
•   Weight: 13.2 lbs.
•   Length: 47"
•   Width: 32.5"
•   Colors: Orange, Black
•   Warranty: 3 years


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