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TFT Working Fire Nozzle

TFT Working Fire Nozzle
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The TFT Working Fire nozzle delivers revolutionary performance when you need maximum flows for a “working fire.” For everyday use, it is a 150 GPM @ 75 psi Fixed GPM Nozzle, but when you need even more GPM, the nozzle’s exclusive pressure relief system dramatically limits nozzle reaction.

At low flows, just like every other fixed GPM nozzle, it is clear from the stream quality that optimum flow has not yet been reached. When the 150 gpm flow rate is reached, the nozzle flows great, and with 65 lbs. of nozzle reaction force. However when you need to increase the GPM, that is where the
Working Fire excels.

By integrating a pressure relief feature, a 33% increase in flow rate only yields a 33% increase in reaction force. Compare that to a traditional fixed nozzle, which increases in reaction force of 78%. With the Working Fire nozzle, TFT is able to deliver high GPM (200 gpm) with about 30lbs less reaction force than other nozzles! The Pressure Relief Feature is only active above 150 GPM and limits reaction forces when GPM increases above the rated 150 GPM. The Working Fire Nozzle is designed to send more water to the seat of the fire when you need it and still have a manageable attack line.

The Working Fire Fixed Flow Hybrid Nozzle Design from TFT delivers:
•    150 GPM @ 75 PSI for Initial Attack per NFPA 1964 (2018)
•    Limits Reaction Force at Higher GPM unlike Standard Fixed Flow Nozzles
•    Reduced Nozzle Pressure at flows below 150 GPM unlike Standard Automatic Nozzles
•    Individual serial numbered
•    Five year warranty



WORKING FIRE Fire Nozzle    Standard Fixed Flow Nozzle 

Gallons Per Minute


Reaction Force   

Gallons Per Minute


Reaction Force
150 65 lbs.   150 65 lbs.
185 80 lbs.    185  99 lbs. 
200  87 lbs    200  116 lbs. 

33% Increase in Flow

Equals a 33% Increase

in Reaction Force  


33% Increase in Flow

Equals a 78% Increase

in Reaction Force


Some of the common challenges solved by the Working Fire Nozzle:
•    “We want higher GPM with lower reaction force”
•    “We are experiencing a lot of hose kinks after we switched to 50 psi nozzles”
•    “We can’t afford to switch the entire department to kink resistant hose”
•    “We need to at least hit the NFPA 1710 minimum 150 gpm”
•    “ We want to flow more than the NFPA 1710 150 gpm minimum”
•    “ If our fixed GPM nozzles are over pumped, the reaction force sky rockets”
•    “Our 100 psi nozzles have way too much reaction force for our minimum staffig”

Nozzle Configurations:
•    Tip only (pair with TFT Ball Valve Shut-Off F140F)
•    One piece model (no pistol grip)
•    Break Apart Nozzle (with pistol grip)

Style Weight Body Size Inlet Coupling
Tip Only 2.8 lbs. 1.5"   1.5" full-time swivel
Nozzle 4.9 lbs.
Nozzle w/ Pistol Grip 5.15 lbs.


Color Coding:
•    Used to match hose colors and/or pump panel discharge labels
•    Changes the color of the pistol grip (if equipped), bail handle and tactile indicator ring
•    Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

View TFT Working Fire Nozzle Product Sheet [PDF]

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