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TFT High Rise Kit

TFT High Rise Kit
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The TFT High Rise Kit helps eliminate cumbersome hose line setups and can be configured for easy flow control using the optional ball valve. The large 2.5” pressure gauge allows for increased visibility of the supply pressure at the standpipe.

The one-piece angled waterway swivels 360 degrees and allows the hose to be directed away from the wall and the standpipe thereby reducing the chance of hose kinks. This allows for a simple, universal connection that works for almost any situation.

TFT’s 45-degree high rise elbow is available with a choice of a left-handle or right-handle slow close valve, or no valve. The full 2.5” (64 mm) waterway allows for maximum flow with minimal friction loss. The no valve version can be utilized as a standpipe elbow with pressure gauge. Unlike the competitors’ solutions, it’s a one piece solution that you don’t have to piecemeal together.



The angled waterway has a large, protected (encased) 2.5” display pressure gauge to easily read the pressure off the standpipe. An air bleeder is also integrated to bleed the air from the water supply.

•    2.5” Gauge is protected in a heavy duty housing with a replaceable window
•    The Pressure Gauge swivels 360 degrees for easy visibility in tight spaces

For users that choose the valve version:
•    TFT’s unique half ball design allows for easy valve movement under pressure
•    The half ball allows for a true, 2.5 inch unobstructed waterway for maximum flow
•    Ability to fine tune the desired supply pressure
•    The valve will not slam shut under pressure
•    Slow close valve prevents water hammer
•    Includes a position indicator that identifies the valve position

The inlet valve body of the waterway swivels 360 degrees before tightening and the body of the inline pressure gauge always swivels 360 degrees for easy connection. The 45-degree angle allows for adaptable installation and helps position the attack hose to prevent kinks.

•    Coupling Side A: 2.5" (65mm) Non-Full Time Swivel Female
•    Coupling Side B: 2.5" (65mm) Rigid Male
•    Body Material: Aluminum
•    Pressure Relief Valve: No
•    Air Bleeder Valve: Yes
•    Pressure Gauge Range: 0-200 PSI (0-14 BAR)
•    Individually serial numbered
•    Five-year warranty

•    No Valve: 7.75 lbs.
•    With Valve: 9.15 lbs.

Kit Includes:
•    Compact, Heavy Duty Duffel Bag
•    2.5” Standpipe Valve with In-Line Pressure Gauge
•    45 Degree Elbow (Valve or No Valve option)
•    (2) Spanner Wrenches
•    2.5” X 1.5” Reducer for use with a 1.5” coupled hose
•    1.5” X 2.5” Increaser for break and extend hose operations

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HI-RISE-E TFT High Rise Kit - NO Valve
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HI-RISE-R TFT High Rise Kit - RIGHT Valve