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X-TINGUISH® X-Treme Fire Suppression Tool

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X-TINGUISH® X-Treme Fire Suppression Tool

The X-TINGUISH® X-Treme is a portable aerosol fire suppression device. Designed for first responders as an initial method to combat class A, B, C, and K fires (can also be partially effective on Class-D fires). When the device is deployed, the X-TINGUISH® X-Treme releases a potassium based aerosol that interrupts the fire at the molecular level without affecting oxygen levels and drastically reducing the heat of the room almost immediately.

The condensed aerosol works simultaneously on three sides of the fire tetrahedron (heat, fuel and the fire’s chemical reaction) without affecting oxygen levels. When used correctly, deployment of the X-TINGUISH® X-Treme poses no risk to occupants and fire fighters and will help minimize the fires collateral and environmental damage.

Once activated, the potassium based compounds inside the body of the X-Tinguish® X-Treme are heated, turning the solid compounds into an aerosol that can spread rapidly throughout the area containing fire. One X-TINGUISH® X-Treme generally can effectively suppress a fire in a room that measures up to 5,300Cu.Ft. Once deployed, the X-TINGUISH® X-Treme will deploy its aerosol for approximately 35-40 seconds.




Features and Benefits:
•    Offers extraordinary knock down as well as fast suppression capabilities
•    Reduces temperatures by as much as 1,000°F in 30 seconds
•    Can reduce water usage by as much as 80%, when used properly
•    Is SNAP listed by the US EPA (Aerosol A, SFE)
•    Is environmentally friendly (ODP 0%, GWP 0%)
•    Does not reduce or deplete (O²) oxygen
•    Can eliminate flashover and backdraft
•    Is Non-Toxic, Non Non-Corrosive, Non Non-Conductive
•    Highly Efficient and Suitable against A-B-C-K class fires
•    IS NOT pressurized!
•    Includes an “R-pin” that protects igniter pin from being accidentally removed.
•    LED light turns red when the unit is activated!

HEALTH EFFECTS - The X-Tinguish aerosol compound is nontoxic and environmental friendly. ODP=ZERO, GWP=ZERO. The X-TINGUISH® compound has been approved by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency USA) as a Halon Replacement.

The World’s Most Advanced Aerosol Firefighting Tool!
•    Covers u to 5,300 Cu. Ft.
•    Emits no flame (electronic ignition)
•    Rugged steel body construction
•    Water resistant
•    Operates down to -670F
•    Weight: 13.9 lbs.
•    Discharge time: 35-40 sec.
•    Dual manual pull-pin activation
•    Deploys after 8 second delay
•    15 year shelf-life
•    5 year battery
•    2 year warranty

Shipping Note:
The X-Tinguish X-Treme Aerosol Fire Supression Tool will incur a Hazardous Material Shipping Charge. You may complete your order online or use the "Request A Quote" payment option at checkout, however the shipping charges shown at checkout DO NOT include the Hazardous Material Shipping Charge. A First Out Rescue specialist will contact you to make final delivery arrangements and provide the final cost for your order including the Hazardous Material Shipping Fee.

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