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STORM Series 2 - EBFC-320D Cutter

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STORM Series 2 - EBFC-320D Cutter
TNT Rescue

All 9's on the NFPA Cutter Test. 

High Strength Steel (HSS) has met it's match. - Cut What You Want, When You Want!

The STORM Series 2 rescue tools from TNT Rescue are the next evolution of battery operated rescue tools.  The STORM Series 2 tools boast an impressive 40% first-stage and 114% second-stage increase in speed.  This makes the Storm Series 2 one of the fastest battery powered rescue tools available today.  The faster tool operation means faster cutting and spreading along with shorter times opening and closing the tool to position for the next cut or spread.

Along with the increase in speed, the STORM Series 2 tools feature the option to operate the tool using one or two batteries.  The use of dual batteries allows for extended operating times while maintaining a perfectly balanced tool for more precise control and less operator fatigue.  Speaking of control, the newly configured operator control handle features a more aggressive grip surface and enlarged ‘star wheel’ control for increased operator control in any position.

All STORM Series 2 Rescue Tools have the same, and in most cases higher performance characteristics as their twin-line hydraulic counterparts without the extra burden and weight of hydraulic hoses. TNT Rescue Tools are proudly made in the USA and every component in the STORM Series is covered by the TNT Forever Warranty.

•    Designed to handle high strength steel found in modern vehicles including Boron, Martensite and maybe even Kryptonite!
•    Perfectly balanced and ergonomic design for ease of operation
•    Single button power insures tool is instantly ready to use
•    Dual LED lights built into body of tool to illuminate work area
•    Variable speed deadman control for precise control in critical situations
•    D-shaped wrap around handle for easy operations in all positions for left & right handed operators
•    Uses open market, easy to obtain, low cost Milwaukee 28V Red Lithium Battery
•    Cutter includes (4) four 28V batteries and (2) two dual-battery chargers

Red Lithium Battery Technology Delivers:
•    40% More run time
•    20% More power
•    50% More recharges than conventional lithium batteries
•    20% Cooler than conventional lithium batteries
•    Red Lithium batteries will not develop “memory” from constant charging.
•    Built-in battery fuel gauge displays remaining charge in battery.
•    Designed for extreme conditions down to -40F/-200C.
•    Fully enclosed battery cells with shock responsive separators for added protection
•    Battery full charge time: 1 hour or less
•    3 year warranty on battery from Milwaukee

STORM Series 2 - EBFC-320D Cutter
  Length 34.6 in. 878.8 mm
  Height 7.0 in. 177.8 mm
  Width - No Batteries 10.75 in. 273.1 mm
  Weight - No Batteries 58.5 lbs. 26.5 kg
  Weight - One Battery 60.8 lbs. 27.6 kg
  Weight - Two Batteries 63.1 lbs. 28.6 kg
  Max. Working Pressure 10,500 PSI 724 BAR
  Max. Blade Opening 9.12 in. 231.6 mm
  Max. Cut Length 6.38 in. 162.1 mm
  Max. Cut Force 320,000 lbs. 1,423.4 kn
  Power Source 28 Volt Milwaukee Red Lithium Battery
  Compliant to NFPA 1936-2015 Yes
  NFPA Cut Test A9, B9, C9, D9, E9
  IP Rating 54


View Complete EBFC-320D Specifications [PDF]

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