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Super Vac Space Saver Battery Fan

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Super Vac Space Saver Battery Fan
Super Vac

The all-new Super Vac 18″ variable-speed battery powered PPV fan is equipped with dual DeWalt FLEXVOLT® batteries, making this rugged yet compact fan the most swappable PPV fan on the market. The Fire Service can now turn to a battery powered fan with a trusted battery name that pairs with over 180+ Dewalt products.  Did we mention that with the V18-DB Battery Powered Fan you have all the angles of attack covered — and then some. You won’t find another battery fan that offers 180 degrees of tilt like the V18-BD. Just this one feature alone truly sets this battery fan apart from all the others.  

Curved Handle:
•   Folds into the frame for compact storage
•   Curved handle design provides higher grip for better ergonomics

Aluminum Roll-Cage Frame:
•   One of the most compact designs available
•   Lightweight yet rugged in design
•   Provides protection for fan in storage and when in use

Stream Shaper/Guard:
•   Allows for flexible setback from opening
•   Allows precise control of ‘air cone’

Polymer Blade:
•   Minimizes weight
•   Provides maximum air movement

Flat-Proof Rubber Tires:
•   Highly maneuverable
•   No need to lift the fan to deploy wheels
•   Fan can be moved by even the smallest firefighter

•   Dewalt FLEXVOLT (9.0Ah or 12.0 Ah)
•   2 ea. batteries and 2 ea. fast charges provided with fan
•   Fan models available: Battery only, battery & shore power and shore power only. (120-240V)

  Ideal Set-Back 9 ft.
  Optimum Tilt Angle 10 degrees
  Output 10,840 cfm
  Weight 46 lbs.
  Height 25"
  Width 25"
  Depth 10"


DeWalt Battery


 Run Time

 Compatable Dewalt


 FLEXVOLT 9.0Ah   35 min. 20/60/120V MAX Tools
 FLEXVOLT 12.0Ah   45 min. 20/60/120V MAX Tools

Run times are based on using fully charged batteris. Stated run times using (2) DeWalt 60V MAX litium-ion batteris combined.

SKU # Product Name Price Qty
V18-BD-09 Super Vac Battery Fan - 9Ah Batteries
V18-BD-12 Super Vac Battery Fan - 12Ah Batteries
V18-BD-09-SP Super Vac Battery Fan - 9Ah Batt. & Shore Power
V18-BD-12-SP Super Vac Battery Fan - 12Ah Batt. & Shore Power
V18-SP Super Vac Space Saving Fan - AC Shore Power ONLY