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Helmet Accessories

From fire helmet flashlight holders, door wedges and fire helmet mounting brackets, First Out Rescue has all the helmet accessories from BlackJack, Streamlight, Wedge-It, R & B Fabrications, Fox Fury and Quick Fist you need to outfit your lid.

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  1. Bourke Style Eye Shield

    Traditional style fire helmets with Bourke eye shields go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Whether you want to add them to your helmet or you need to replace a set, the Bourke style eye shields from Government Specialty Products offer the performance and durability you expect without breaking the bank. 

    •    High temperature resistant (slight tint)
    •    Spring-loaded to flip up or down
    •    An alternative for modern style full face shields
    •    All-brass fittings
    •    Can be installed on all composite and leather traditional style fire helmets
    •    Mounting hardware included for quick an easy installation
    •    No special tools required for installation
    •    Constructed from super tough Lexan®

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  2. Black Jack Mount

    Starting at: $20.85

    Full House
    The Full House Blackjack flashlight holder is a combination of the original and extremely popular BJ001, and BJ002 models. The Full House holder will accommodate all the same lights that the BJ001 and the BJ002 did, as well as the 3/4AA Streamlight Haz-Low lights.ᅠ The Full House will also work with round lights form Pelican, Streamlight, Surefire and other lights up to 1 1/8" in diameter, making this one of the most versatile mounts every created.ᅠ The Full House will still work on either Modern, or Traditional style helmets and is constructed from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum.

    The NEW ACE model Blackjack flashlight holder is based on our widely popular BJ003 model.ᅠ The ACE will accommodate all the same lights that the BJ003 did; including most Tactical Style round lights from Pelican, Streamlight, Surefire and others from 1" to 1 1/8"in diameter.

    Both the Full House and ACE holders are designed to fit and work on Modern or Traditional style fire helmets.ᅠ Both mounts have been widened slightly to improve stability on the helmet and allow for multiple points of contact with the light, and helmet.ᅠ Both mounts have been skeletonized in the back of the mount to help reduce overall weight.ᅠ The Full House and ACE are supplied with stainless steel hardware, with the addition of a set screw at the light interface, for improved light retention with reduced marring to the body of the light.ᅠ Constructed from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum.

    BlackJack BJ005
    The BJ005 is designed to allow youᅠto remove the light, use it in your hand and then easily reattach it to the mount even with a gloved hand during fire ground operations, no tools necessary!  The BJ005 still incorporates our Patented under the brim, multiple points of contact and line of sight design found in our other Blackjack holders.ᅠ The BJ005 is constructed from our proprietary high temperature thermoplastic and is adjustable.ᅠ The BJ005 works with most round lights from 2AA, Tactical and many rechargeable lights.ᅠᅠThe BJ005 is not recommended for use with knurled, metal bodied lights as the knurling will impede the release function of the light from the holder.

    All three flashlight holders have a hex key storage incorporated into the body of the holder for any field adjustments you may need.ᅠᅠ

    ᅠᅠᅠBJ005 Video


    Instalation Video





    ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠPelicanᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ ᅠ





    Full House
    Fits most 4AA, 2AA and small round lights (Max diameter 1 1/8")

    3/4 AA

    StealthLite 2400ᅠ4AA
    PM6 3300
    M6 2300 Series

    3/4 AA
    PolyTac Series

    Fits most round tactical style lights from 1"ᅠto 1 1/8.

    BTL-150 HLS

    ᅠM6 2320/2330

    ᅠPolytac HP

    ᅠG2D F/R
    ᅠG2X F/R

    ᅠRook MD Series

    FC3 HD
    Micro 720

    Allows for removal and reattachment of light to helmet with one gloved hand, no tools needed. Adjustable, fits most round lights from 2AA to large tactical.

    Nitex eLED Rechargeable

    PM6 3320/3330

    Polytac HP

    G2D F/R
    G2X F/R








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  3. Double Down Helmet Strap System

    No, the helmet, light or goggles are not included.

    The Double Down system is designed to secure both head lamp, and goggle straps to Wildland firefighter helmets.ᅠ The Double Down uses 3M adhesive clips that are made from a high temperature thermo plastic and will attach to any Wildland helmet.ᅠ The Double Down keeps your headlamp and goggles where you put them, so they are ready when you need them.ᅠ

    Superior 4 point Strap Retention System

    • ᅠFits any Wildland helmet
    • Built from a super high temp Thermoplastic that will withstand temps above 500°
    • Retains both head lamp straps & goggle straps on your helmet with no slipping or sliding
    • Works with goggles from ESS, Paulson & Revision.ᅠ Headlamps from SureFire, Pelican, FoxFire and Streamlight.
    • ld as set of 4 Double Down Clips.

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  4. Rubber Helmet Strap

    A heavy duty black rubber helmet band that can be used to hold items such as door chocks, sprinkler wedges and other common accessories on your "lid".

    1"wide by 10"long (flat). Circumference of 20" un-stretched.

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  5. Streamlight Deluxe Rubber Helmet Strap

    No, The helmet and light are not included!

    The Streamlight Deluxe Rubber Helmet Strap is constructed of heavy duty flexible rubber and is designed to fit around both modern and traditional fire helmets. The band has two (2) holes on each side to accommodate up to two (2) flashlights. The holes can also hold screw drivers, pen knives, and similar shaped items.

    The band can be used to secure door chocks/wedges, shove knifes, pocket spanners and other small items to your lid.

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  6. Phenix Helmet Accessory Pack

    This popular helmet accessory pack includes the Garrity Life Lite which features a curved, ergonomic design, improved non-slip rubber grip, and added loop clip make this flashlight easy to locate and comfortable to hold.

    Pack Includes:
    • Garrity Life-Lite
    • Heavy duty rubber helmet band
    • Two thermal plastic chocks (great on sprinkler heads and doors)


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  7. Wedge-It Ultimate Door Stop

    Starting at: $8.25

    The Wedge-It is designed to hold an interior or exterior door open to a 90 degree angle and can be placed:

    (1) On top of the door
    (2) Over the hinge pin
    (3) On the floor

    •     Ribbed construction for maximum strength
    •     Weighs less than 3 oz.
    •     LEXAN plastic construction, the same as bullet proof glass
    •     Small enough to fit in a pocket
    •     Strong enough to hold open the largest of doors
    •     Four non-skid pads prevent sliding when placed on top of door or on smooth surfaces
    •     Notched to fit over top of hinge pin
    •     Hole to attach webbing, rope, carabineer, etc.
    •     Colors: Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black, Pink, Bright Yellow



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  8. Handi Wedge

    Starting at: $5.25

    The Handi Wedge comes in two sizes and does an excellent job of stopping the water flow from sprinkler heads, use as a doorstop along with countless other fireground applications. "An inexpensive tool for your toolbox."

    Small Size:
    •  Measures:  2"L x 1"H x 3⁄4"W.
    •  Color: Orange
    •  Wt. 1 oz. each.
    •  Sold in pairs


    Large Size:
    •  Measures:  5½"L x 1½"H x 1¼"W. 
    •  Color:  Yellow
    •  Wt. 2 oz.
    •  Sold as each 

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  9. FoxFury Breakthrough Wedge

    Starting at: $8.99

    Keep doors open with these rugged door wedges.

    These easily to use, lightweight BT wedges do one thing really well....keep doors open. Use them on the floor as a traditional door stop or wedge it into the door hinge. A single BT wedge fits in current models of Breakthrough Right Angle Flashlights or carry them in your helmet strap.

    • Size Each: 3.0" L x 2.0" W x 2.0" D
    • Weight: 1.1 oz. each
    • Sold as a 3 pack.
    • Colors: Black or Yellow

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  10. Quick Fist Helmet Wedge Clamp Set

    Starting at: $24.50

    Finally, an affordable option for securing your helmet on the apparatus; the Quick Fist Helmet Wedge Clamps are designed to securely hold helmets with a front and rear brim depth of at least ¾”. One set of 3 Helmet Wedge Clamps secures one helmet.

    • Set comes with 3 clamps to secure one helmet
    • Made of heavy duty transportation grade rubber
    • Not affected by hot or cold climates
    • UV resistant, salt and chemical resistant
    • Mounts with three ¼” screws or bolts and washers (not included)

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