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PAC Extended Adjustamount Kit

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PAC Extended Adjustamount Kit
PAC (Performance Advantage Co)

The EXTENDED ADJUSTAMOUNT KIT includes not only the versatile ADJUSTAMOUNT but also a 24" length of P4000 UNISTRUT and CHANNEL CUSHION.  The UNISTRUT is pre-punched for mounting. 

Features Include:
• Components are molded from high quality materials
• Adjustable lock strap capable to 5,400 PSI tensile strength
• 30" usable strap length
• Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
• Strap available in black, yellow and orange 

Parts Included:
• CLAMP-END module
• LOCK-END module
• Adjustable LOCKSTRAP w/pin handle (33" overall length) 
• 9" long extruded neoprene channel cushion
• Mounting hardware for both standard/surface mounting and to PACTRAC is included.

SKU # Product Name Price Qty
K5008-B Extended Adjustamount Kit - Black Strap
K5008-Y Extended Adjustamount Kit - Yellow Strap
K5008-O Extended Adjustamount Kit - Orange Strap