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Husky SCBA Full/Empty Staging Mat

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Husky SCBA Full/Empty Staging Mat
Husky Containment

NO, the SCBA' and cylinders are not included!

SCBA “Full/Empty” Staging Mats are available with or without ribbing. The ribbing when specified comes on the tarp approximately 8-9" apart and prevents your SCBA cylinders from rolling off the mat. One side is green and stenciled “FULL” the other side is red and is stenciled “EMPTY.” Constructed from 18oz. Vinyl.

SKU # Product Name Price Qty
F/E-T6x10 6'x10' Full/Empty Tarp (no ribbing)
F/E-TR6x10 6'x10' Full/Empty Tarp (with ribbing)
F/E-T10x10 10'x10' Full/Empty Tarp (no ribbing)
F/E-TR10x10 10'x10' Full/Empty Tarp (with ribbing)