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Flare Alert Beacon

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Flare Alert Beacon

Flare Alert LED Beacons offer a safe, clean, low cost, non-toxic solution to traditional incendiary flares. LED Beacons offer 360° visibility, extended operating times (up to 140 hours) and will work in any weather conditions.

• 0.5W LED
• Flash or steady-on mode
• Crush resistance up to 20,000 lb. vehicle
• Magnetic base standard (attaches to vehicle, weighted base or cone adapter)
• Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)
• Battery Life: Flash mode: up to 140 hours / Steady-on mode: up to 40 hours
• Specs: 3.75’’ dia. x 1.75’’ thick
• Weight: 7 oz. (w/ batteries)
• Colors: red or yellow

Safe and Versatile
• Magnetic base (attach to cone adapter, weighted base, vehicle, ATV)
• 360° visibility-can be seen for miles
• Waterproof-won’t extinguish in rain/snow
• No flames-won’t burn user/equipment
• LED technology-bulbs last years
• Safe-for anyone to use

• Reusable - replaces thousands of flares
• No perchlorate - won’t contaminate ground water
• No fumes - no toxic fumes released
• No residue - no debris left behind

Weighted Base:
The Weighted Base attaches magnetically to the bottom of your Beacon and holds it in place (e.g. for use during a helicopter landing). Specs: 3.75’’ diameter x 0.25’’ thick, weight 12.2 oz

Cone Adapter:
The Cone Adapter allows you to magnetically attach one (1) or two (2) Beacon units simultaneously and
slide directly into the top of a cone. Specs: 10.5’’ tall x 0.5’’ thick, weight 7.2 oz

Also available in a 3 beacon kit or 8 beacon landing zone kit with weighted bases and cone adapters.

SKU # Product Name Price Qty
FA-RB.2 Flare Alert Beacon - Red
FA-YB.2 Flare Alert Beacon - Yellow
FA-WB.3 Flare Alert Weighted Base
FA-CA.3 Flare Alert Cone Adaptor