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  1. Large Diameter Hose (LDH) Strap

    The Large Diameter Hose Strap (LDHS) is the perfect accessory for quickly and easily deploying large diameter hose from the hose bed. The Large Diameter Hose Strap is constructed of 3” nylon webbing, with a tensile strength of 22,550 lbs. The super strong stitching with heavy brass rivets insures a reliable and long service life. A quick release webbing strap allows the strap to be secured to the engine’s grab bar so you don’t have to search under the hose bed cover for the end of the hose.

    The large diameter hose strap allows firefighters to quickly pull the hose off the rig and place it over a hydrant. The spare hose needed to complete the hydrant connection is secured with a heavy duty hook & loop closure loop with a zinc plated adjuster to accommodate various sizes of LDH. There is also a tab on the hose loop that allows easy hose removal even with heavy firefighting gloves on.

    • Color: Yellow
    • Length: 60”
    • Weight: 32 oz.



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  2. Gripper Hose System

    The Gripper Hose System consists of three heavy duty nylon straps with a padded shoulder sling, all sewn together with a cross piece to create a hose harness. The gripper has a padded high visibility shoulder sling, with three 2" wide, 42" long 3000-pound strength webbing to secure the hose.

    Utilizes cam buckles and torque rings and is easily opened with a gloved hand. Shown with 150 feet of 1¾" hose. The 42" long straps have the capacity to carry more hose than the average firefighter can carry. Wt. 24 oz.

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  3. Hose Gripper Strap

    Starting at: $26.00

    The Single Gripper Strap is an individual nylon strap, which is best used in a series of four.

    The gripper strap consists of a metal Cam Buckle, which can be easily operated in the dark with gloves on. The black 2" webbing is rated at 3000-pounds and is treated to prevent mold or mildew.

    • Length: Expandable from 8" - 43"
    • Weight: 5.25 oz ea.
    • Available as single strap or set of 4

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  4. High Rise Hose Strap

    Starting at: $83.00

    No, the hose, nozzle, firefighter or fire truck are NOT included!

    The R & B Fabrications High Rise Hose Strap is available in 3 different sizes capable of holding up to 200 ft. of 1ᄒ" double jacketed fire hose.ᅠ The High Rise Hose Strap is ideal for transporting large amounts of hose for lengthening attack lines or connecting to a standpipe for high rise operations. The High Rise Hose Strap consists of either three or four quick release Velcroᆴ closures, interconnected by a stiff nylon spine. The High Rise Hose Strap enables a firefighter to quickly grab a complete hose load for easy deployment without the worry of the load falling apart.ᅠ

    The High Rise Hose Strap is constructed from 3000-pound tensile strength 2ヤ wide nylon webbing.ᅠ The webbing has been liquid treated to prevent mold and mildew. Bright, high visibility straps with 3M reflective trim are easily identified, and can be opened with gloves on. High-sheer strength Velcroᆴ; designed to carry 560 lbs. and to be opened and closed 10,000 times. A stiff backbone connects all the straps and helps keeps them evenly spaced.ᅠ The 100 ft. and 200 ft. models include a pair of molded rubber grip handles (150 ft. model has single handle) on top for easy carry and transport.


    Size Closure Straps Top Handles
      100 ft. 4 2
      150 ft.  3 1
      200 ft.  4 2
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  5. Double Donut Strap

    The Double Donut Strap holds two 50-foot sections of 1 3/4" hose. Heavy-duty nylon webbing and high-sheer strength Velcro® make up this strong and functional hose strap system.

    Features include:
    • Easy storage - hose stacks and is compact enough to fit into compartments.
    • Shoulder strap aids firefighters in carrying and deploying hose.
    • Pre-coiled hose gives you option to add on to an existing hose lay, or reduce a larger line.
    • Consists of two nylon straps with a Velcro® closure attached to a 3-inch center ring and shoulder strap.


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  6. Hose Vice-200

    No, the hose is not included.

    The Hose Vice 200 is the latest in the evolution of hose carrying systems. The Hose Vice incorporates many ideas given to us by firefighters, including an updated shoulder strap, which is both adjustable and removable. The shoulder strap is long enough that a firefighter can carry the bundle across their body for better balance. For a two person carry, handles have been incorporated into the ends of the straps along with two molded rubber grip handles on top. 3M reflective has been added to increase visibility.

    The Hose Vice will accommodate 150 ft. or 200 ft. of 1 ¾” hose as shown.

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  7. Forestry Hose Pack

    The R & B Fabrications Forestry Hose Pack can be used for wildfires or in high-rise buildings. It will hold more hose than you care to pack (150' of 2" hose).

    • Made of 1000 denier Cordura® nylon
    • Double stitched seams
    • Padded shoulder straps
    • Outside zipper pocket
    • Web carrying handles
    • Protective flap
    • 3M™ ScotchliteTM Reflective Material
    • Color: Red
    • Measures 11"D x 16"H x 18"W
    • Capacity: 3200 cu. in. (150’ of 2” hose)
    • Empty Wt. 30 oz.


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  8. Hose Roll Carrying Bag

    The Hose Roll Carrying Bag is designed to carry multiple rolls of hose.

    Bag will hold approximately 100 ft. of 2 ½” or 3" hose and approximately 150 ft. - 200 ft. of 1 ½” hose. Bag has an adjustable shoulder strap running underneath the bag to carry the load. Made of red Cordura nylon.

    Hose NOT Included!

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  9. High-Rise Hose Pack

    The hose pack that allows one person to carry up to 150 ft. of 2" hose with nozzle and adapters for standard pipe hook-ups. This high-rise hose pack can also be used for Wildland fires.  Made of 1000 denier Cordura® nylon with web carrying handles and shoulder strap for use as a back pack.

    • Color: Red.
    • Size: 26"H x 18"W x 7"D.

    Hose Not Included!


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  10. Milwaukee Strap Hose and Accessory Bag

    Starting at: $45.00

    The Milwaukee Strap Hose and Accessory Bag is constructed with firefighters in mind. Made of durable 22 oz. reinforced vinyl. Double thickness in side, bottom and ends. Easily carried by a 2" nylon webbing handle. For on scene visibility there is 2" reflective side trim.

    This bag can hold 75 ft of 1 ½” or 1 ¾” hose and accessories make it ideal for standpipe connections, hose operations as a tool bag. A brass grommet allows water drainage and a Velcro strap secures the contents. Loops on each end for optional shoulder strap.

    • Dimensions: 17" long x 10" wide x 12" high.
    • Wt. 18 oz.


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  11. Milwaukee Strap Hose Pack

    Starting at: $45.00

    The Milwaukee Strap Hose Pack is a highly durable hose pack constructed of heavy 22 oz. reinforced vinyl with double thickness side, bottom and ends keep your hose in an attack ready condition.

    This pack has a center for a one person carry and two end handles for a two person carry, both constructed of 2" nylon webbing. The optional shoulder strap can be attached to the end carry handles for a one person shoulder strap.There are two lengths of the Milwaukee Hose Pack.  50" or 36".

     50" Model
    •    Holds up to 150 ft. of 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" hose
    •    Three Velcro straps secure the contents and the pack
    •    Three brass grommet drain holes to allow for drainage
    •    One end opens so hose may be pulled out for an easy hose deployment
    •    Dimensions: 50" long x 8" wide x 9" high.

    36” Model
    •    Holds up to 100 ft. of 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" hose
    •    Two Velcro straps secure the contents and the pack
    •    Three brass grommet drain holes to allow for drainage
    •    One end opens so hose may be pulled out for an easy hose deployment
    •    Dimensions: 36" long x 8" wide x 9" high.

    Hose NOT Included!

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