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Golfire VOL Escape Kit

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Golfire VOL Escape Kit

The VOL Escape Kit was developed as an affordable and effective escape kit for firefighters in areas with two and three story buildings. Most firefighters were taught to bail out using rope, a carabineer, and gloves as a friction device. We have taken this concept and one step further!

Included in the kit:
• Crosby Hook
• 40 ft. of 8mm NFPA escape rope
• 1000 Denier Nylon bag

The bag fits in your pocket, belt, or SCBA Harness. The idea is that there is no waste of precious time looking for an anchor point. With the Crosby hook, your anchor point is at the window sill or on a tool set at the edge of the window frame. Set the Crosby Hook and you have a solid and safe anchor point!