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RIT / FAST Team Bags

Whatever you call you Firefighter Rescue Team (FAST, RIT, RIC) these bags are designed and constructed to hold all the equipment needed during Firefighter Mayday and rescue operations. RIT Team, FAST Team bags are available from Drager, R&B Fabrications and Golfire.

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  1. Group/Large Area Search System

    Starting at: $195.00

    RIT’s Group/Large Area Search Kit makes large area search and RIT team operations a safer task. The standard kit is set up for a four person team and provides a lifeline to the outside for each member.  While conducting RIT operations we are searching for one of our own, we have a tendency to search harder and longer than normal. Each RIT team member is not only connected to the outside, but the system also leads secondary RIT teams to their location for assistance and/or supplies.

    • Systematic Search System
    • Reduces Duplication of Search
    • Keeps Search Crew Together
    • Maintains A Means of Egress
    • Secondary Teams can follow lines to assist
    • Ideal For Large Structure Search

    The Chicago Style Bag is construted with 1000 denier nylon covered on the back.  The bottom of the bag is covered with poly-coated nylon to resist abrasion, cuts and tears.  All the seams are triple sewn with a Tex138 Nylon thread and comes standard with a breakaway adjustable shoulder strap and reflective trim.  The Chicago Style Bag is equipped with utility pockets for carrying additional equipment and tools.

    The RIT Marker System can be added to any primary search line. This system was developed by nationally recognized fire service instructors. The marker system provides distance in the structure and the direction out. A series of knots and rings are placed at 20 ft. intervals. The number of knots can be counted to determine distance traveled into the building, and the rings provide a direction to the way out.

    • Marker System Provides Orientation
    • Rings and Knots Every 20’
    • Provides Tag Line Operation
    • Click HERE [PDF] for detailed information on the Marker System.


    Large Area Search System
    Primary Line Size 9.5 mm
    Primary Line Construction Kevlar over polyester
    Primary Line Temp Rating 860° F
    Primary Line Strength 7,600 lbs.
    Primary Line Lengths 100 ft., 200 ft., 300 ft.
    Tag Line  
    • Each kit is supplied with three (3) self-retracting tag lines
    • 100 ft. & 200 ft. kits include 20 ft. tag lines
    • 300 ft. kits include 50 ft. tag lines
    • Both primary and tag lines come with non-rated snap hooks
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  2. RIT Entry Bag

    This well organized bag has a primary section that stores a 1 hour SCBA air cylinder, Universal Air Connection Wand and Regulator.  The second section of the bag is designed to fit the SCBA face mask. The Entry bag also has a drag strap and large aluminum carabiner incorporated on the outside of the primary end. The strap is used to secure the RIT bag to the converted waist strap of the downed firefighter. Comes standard with a break away shoulder carry strap.

    • Constructed with 1000 denier Nylon
    • Bag sides and bottom are poly coated 1000 denier Nylon for tear and abrasion resistant.
    • Reflective trim surrounds the bag for high visibility
    • Proven and tested under the harshest conditions.
    • Internal equipment restraints designed to hold all components securely to avoid tangling.
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  3. R.A.T. (Rapid Air Transport) Bag

    R.A.T. (Rapid Air Trasport)

    With a trapped rescuer in need of air the R.A.T. Bag will help provide an emergency air cylinder to the trapped rescuer. Constructed of 22 oz. vinyl coated nylon and virtually indestructible Tuff Bottom, the bag can be dragged or carried to the trapped rescuer. A carabineer is available for attachment. The Air cylinder is held in place with 3 quick-release web straps and can accommodate all sizes of cylinders. Ample room for rope and mask storage and an additional pocket on the top for equipment storage make this bag versatile and easier to handle than a R.I.T. Bag.

    • ᅠMeasures 21" long, 9" wide and 10" high.
    • ᅠTool pocket is 7" wide x 20" long. Wt. 28 oz.

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  4. RAT Bag - Rapid Air Transport

    Starting at: $10.85

    A versatile RIT bag that can be set up for tools only or as a carrier for supplemental air supplies for RIT operations.  The TUFF Bottom makes this bag about as "Fire Fighter Resistant" as you can get.  Available with optional shoulder strap.

    • Two pockets
    • Quick open top
    • Rigid bottom with straps for securing tools or air cylinder
    • Constructed of heavy 22 oz. vinyl 
    • 3M™ Scotchlite Reflective Material
    • Main compartment: 21" long, 9" wide and 10" high.
    • Tool  pocket: 7" wide x 20" long.  Wt. 28 oz.
    • Capacity: 4,500 cu. in. 
    • Color: Red.
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  5. Dräger RIT LifeGuard II Kit - 2018 Edition

    Starting at: $726.00

    Designed With Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Requests
    Based on the original Dräger RIT LifeGuard, this new generation RIT bag incorporates many features requested by rapid intervention teams to ensure quick air transfer.  Improvements incorporated into the LifeGuard II RIT bag include a slimmer profile and two handles at the top and bottom of the bag for speedy deployment from the truck.  The multi-tone reflective strips clearly designate the working side of the bag even in low lighting conditions.

    Rugged, Lightweight, and Fire Resistant
    The LifeGuard II RIT bag is lightweight, portable, and fire-resistant.  To protect the cylinder and pneumatics from damage, the bag has a reinforced bottom that is made of tough vinyl coated polyester. This rugged design allows the bag to be easily dragged over all types of abrasive surfaces while still protecting the bag contents.

    Fast and Easy Deployment
    The LifeGuard II is fast and easy to deploy.  An intuitive, single pull handle opens the bag quickly, providing instant access to all components that a rapid intervention team needs to function and get air to the downed firefighter. The high pressure trans-fill hose is attached to the interior of the lid, making it easy to find and quick to deploy. The medium pressure lung demand valve (LDV) is already connected to a full face piece, which has its own compartment.  Interior color-coded lines make for easier identification in poorly lit conditions.

    RIT Lifeguard II Complete Kit
    •    RIT Bag
    •    HP Dual line Pneumatics with whistle
    •    Lung Demand Valve (LDV)
    •    FPS 7000 mask
    •    60 min. carbon composite cylinder
    •    Weight without cylinder: 4.6 lbs.

    View RIT LifeGuard II Complete Specifications [PDF]

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