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Dräger SCBA Cylinder - 2216 PSI

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Dräger SCBA Cylinder - 2216 PSI

Dräger offers 2216 PSI SCBA cylinders in a 30 minute size.  Drager SCBA cylinders are available in aluminum or fully wrapped lightweight carbon fiber composite cylinders.  All Dräger cylinders are supplied with a dual sided luminescent easy to read pressure gauge with built in bumper.

Drager SCBA Cylinders are available with a standard CGA threaded connection or with a Quick Connect Adapter for use with Drager SCBA Air Packs equipped with the Quick Connect Option.

Dräger offers customizing of SCBA cylinders including custom color coding, custom ID lables or adding your your fire department or agency logo.  For additional information on custom SCBA cylinder options please Contact First Rescue Equipment .

SKU # Product Name Price Qty
4054856 30-min. - Aluminum Cyl. - With Valve
* = Required Option
4058990 30-min. - Carbon - w/ Valve - Clear Coat
* = Required Option
4055701 30-min. - Carbon - w/ Valve - Yellow
* = Required Option
3357115 Cyl. Quick Connect Adaptor - 2216 PSI
3357113 Cyl. Quick Connect Compressor Adapter - 2216 PSI
4052006 Cylinder Valve ONLY - 2216 PSI