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CMC Ultra-Pro Edge Protection

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CMC Ultra-Pro Edge Protection

The CMC Ultra-Pro is the most sought-after edge protection available and features super slick, high-performance material that not only protects your rope from sharp or rough edges, but also greatly reduces friction.

•    Lighter and easier to transport than edge rollers or similar devices
•    Lower profile avoids tipping often encountered with taller devices
•    Conforms to the edge, and prevents sharp bends in the rope
•    Carabiner holes in all four corners allow the Ultra-Pro to be tied off
•    Can be linked together for extended protection

Available in two sizes:
•    Ultra-Pro 2 accepts two ropes. 16 x 6 in.
•    Ultra-Pro 4 accepts four ropes. 16 x 10 in.

SKU # Product Name Price Qty
294042 Ultra-Pro 2 Edge Protector
294044 Ultra-Pro 4 Edge Protector