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Charge Tab

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Charge Tab

ChargeTab is a low cost, pre-charged, single use charger for mobile phones and other devices. No wires needed, simply plug the Chargetab into your mobile device for instant charging anytime, anywhere.

•    Chargetab come fully charged and ready to use
•    Chargetab plugs directly into your device, no additional hardware is required
•    Use with devices with a Lightning (ios), Micro-USB (Android) or Type C USB port
•    Chargetab works with most phone cases
•    Charging time will depend on battery level & usage while being charged
•    3 year shelf life if stored unopened in a dry, normal climate environment.
•    Perfect for USAR task force or wildland S&R deployment where power for mobile devices (phones, GPS, satellite phones) may not be available.

•    Open the plastic sleeve
•    Slide the on off switch to the “on” position
•    Once turned on, a blue power light will appear in the top corner of the Chargetab
•    Plug the Chargetab™ into your device.

If you are satisfied with the charge level of your device and the blue power light remains on, unplug the Chargetab™ from your device, slide the power switch to the “off” position and return it to the plastic sleeve for future use.

Can a Chargetab Be Recharged?
Once the blue power light no longer appears when the Chargetab™ is turned on, the Chargetab™ is empty and should be properly disposed of. A Chargetab™ cannot be recharged.

Disposal After Use
Chargetabs™ are made from biodegradable cardboard and can be recycled after use. Similar to household batteries, used Chargetabs™ are not hazardous waste, but we encourage you to recycle the inner contents at a battery recycling location in accordance with your local waste disposal regulations.

•   Available in 3, 6 or 12 pack quantities (same connector)

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