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Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX - High

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Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX - High
HAIX Footwear

•    Waterproof
•    Smooth leather upper material
•    GORE-TEX® Inner liner
•    BLACK EAGLE® 018 Sole
•    TPU R3000 Shank
•    2 zone lacing
•    Anti-static conductivity
•    No safety toe
•    8 inch leg height
•    Color:  Black

Innovative Footwear with Upgraded Features
Now designed and fully manufactured in Europe, we took the popular Black Eagle® Tactical 20 High and gave it an upgrade.  The Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High has updated features that we’re sure customers are going to love.

Features like:
•    Sole is more uniform black in color, without the shiny/gloss area around the heel
•    The sole is now heat-resistant
•    New Black Eagle® tread is self-cleaning; releasing dried and caked on mud and dirt as you walk
•    New insoles offer seamless comfort with softer cushioning in the heel
•    More padding in the ankle area for additional ankle support and stability

Shock Absorbent with Spring-Back Material
Your feet can be prone to many injuries when on duty, which is what makes the Black Eagle Series of boots the perfect footwear for hard working safety professionals. It protects the foot by evenly distributing your weight throughout with its supination and pronation support and the cushioning in the heel area makes the shoes absorbent to shock.  

Durable, Oil, and Gas Resistant Soles
Made out of a special rubber compound and a unique tread design, the slip resistant soles of this boot gives you the capability to move freely without worrying about slipping, tripping or falling. This feature is called the multi-directional anti-slip grip and it can be especially helpful if you are hiking on uneven terrain or walking on slick surfaces. The boots are also oil and gas resistant and won’t mark up your floor. And to protect your foot from stones, rocks, and uneven terrain is the built in stone shield.

Perfect Climate Comfort During Every Weather
The GORE-TEX® inner liner of this tactical boot makes it waterproof so you won’t have to worry whether it’s raining or not. And with the HAIX® Climate System, your feet are guaranteed to feel comfortable at all times. The air circulation process balances the temperature inside the boot to keep the feet cool during hot temperatures and warm during cool temperatures. The Sun Reflect leather reduces the heating effect from the sun on the boot keeping your feet cooler on sunny days.

Perfect fit even with wide or slim calf
The 2-Zone Lacing system of the Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High allows you to adjust the width of your boot in the foot and leg area separately. So you have a perfect fit, even for people with very wide or slim calves.

•    HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
•    Waterproof/breathable with GORETEX® Extended
•    Stone shield prevents uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot
•    Cushiony, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial insole with “AIRFLOW” channels
•    Pronation support to prevent arch collapsing inward
•    Supination support with spring back energy return
•    Asymmetrical TPU for stabilizing the heel
•    Cushioning in the heel area for shock absorption
•    Metal free construction
•    Anti-static, durable,  non-marking anti-slip sole resistant to oil and gasoline

Width Medium 
Mens Sizing 4-13, 14, 15, 16 4-13, 14, 15, 16

One year Limited Warranty
HAIX Black Eagle Footwear comes standard with a one year Limited Warranty.  However an additional extended one-year extended warranty can be added for a total of two years simply by simply filling out the Black Eagle Extended Warranty On-Line Form.  

With the extended limited warranty,  choosing the Black Eagle line of tactical footwear is almost a no brainer!  After trying the HAIX Black Eagles, they may just be the last brand of footwear you'll ever buy.

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