Dräger UCF 9000 NFPA Truck Kit


See Everything Clearly
The UCF 9000 offers more detail than other firefighting thermal imaging cameras and has a wide field of view that lets you see more. Even in areas where visibility is extremely limited, the UCF 9000 provides an image that is ultra-clear, giving you more information on which to base tactical decisions. Regardless of the environment, the brightness of UCF 9000 display automatically adjusts to give you a clear image to view.

An extended dynamic range makes it possible to clearly detect objects and people – even when they are next to extreme heat. An ultrafast shutter provides consistent images and a clear view at all times. The UCF 9000 has a 2× and 4× zoom that gives you a closer look at hard to reach areas.

Continuous, Automatic Recording
The UCF 9000 has a black box that automatically records two hours of video.
If the memory card is full, the camera will record over the beginning of the memory card. An innovative feature of the UCF 9000 is that you can instantly share videos on the display. Plus, videos and photos can be downloaded to an external device for training or documentation.

•    384 × 288 pixel resolution 2X and 4× zoom
•    Video playback for instantly sharing images
•    UL Class 1 Division 2 design is intrinsically safe
•    Provides visibility in temperatures up to 1,842°F
•    One-hand operation provides ease of use and enhanced mobility
•    Brightness sensor adapts the display to all lighting conditions
•    Integrated laser pointer pinpoints hazards and aids communications
•    Image display maintains a vertical orientation for accurate viewing
•    Snapshot function allows freeze-frame imaging of difficult to access areas
•    Lightweight and ergonomic design helps minimize fatigue
•    Integrated video and sound recording supports safety training and more
•    Extended life battery supports confidence and peace of mind
•    Exceeds the NFPA 1801 standard for durability
•    8 application-specific modes let you optimize the display for firefighting, search and rescue, and hotspot identification and more.

Extremely Robust & Safe
The UCF 9000 is robust and rugged for extended use in the most hostile environments. With an extremely durable housing, the UCF 9000 is heat-resistant and withstands mechanical stresses with ease. The UCF 9000 has a high protection classification of IP67 and is resistant to water, dust, and other contaminants typically encountered during emergency response situations.  The UCF 9000 is intrinsically safe and approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres including Class 1, Division 2.

Comfortable One Handed Operation
Using the Dräger UCF 9000 means one hand is always free: an invaluable plus and added freedom of movement for the user. The compact design and well-balanced low weight of only 3 lbs. make the camera easy to operate with just one hand. The "application switch" (application specific operating modes) makes it possible to use the camera safely and to utilize its functionality to the full extent even in highly stressful situations. A very sturdy attachable "crawling plate" permits the user to brace himself or herself on the ground without letting go of the camera.  Also offering various carrying options for optimal carrying comfort.  

Standard USB Interface
The UCF 9000 has a standard USB 2.0 interface, making it possible to configure the camera and transfer thermal images directly to a PC. Images and video sequences recorded for documentation purposes can also be transferred to a PC.

What's Included: The Dräger UCF 9000 Truck Kit Includes:
• UCF 9000 Camera
• 1 Lithium Ion Battery
• Crawling Plate
• Desktop Charger
• Truck Mounted Bracket
• Retractable Lanyard
• Charging Cords
• Software CD

Available Accessories 
• Lithium Ion Battery (Never hurts to have an extra battery for those “extended operations”)

View Complete UFC 9000 Specifications (PDF)

On/Off Basic Funtions

Battery Charging & Replacement


Video Recording

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